Steam auto not working with pitool 1.5ss

Was running some test to see if there is a noticeable difference with having steam set to auto ss and then decrease and increase pitool . I found that 1.0 and above there is no difference in quality in steam home. Quite a different story for Skyrim. Anyway that is not what I starting this topic for. I run a program called fpsvr which I find quite good. Problem I noticed is looking at fpsvr status tab I can see steamvr auto ss drops to 40% at pitool 1.0. When I go to pitool 1.5 steamvr shows 100%ss in fpsvr. In fact anything above 1.5 will always show 100% in fpsvr.

Back to the other thing about ss. Don’t rely on steam home to see the difference in ss. I noticed a considerable change in Skyrim with pitool adjustments and leaving steamvr to auto. Yet in steamvr home as mentioned above no difference from pitool 1.0 to 2.0

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I had the impression, that If you have the ingame SS in Skyrim set on a fixed value while doing these observations, the different PiTool values make a diference, nevertheless SteamVR SS remains on auto. PiTool seems to scale the ingame rendertargetmultiplier as long as it remains fixed. I thought the only deciding factor to do that, remained SteamVR, but it seems not.
When i change the ingame SS accordingly, the quality will not increase or decrease, but the
performance will still behave differently. At least for me.
If you have different texture qualities modded in Skyrim, those textures will behave differently aswell. Its quite an act to balance this interplay of factors for a nice performing and beautiful looking thing. But its worth it.

Enable Beta participation in Steam and get SteamVR Beta.

The release version, non beta, has issues rendering above a set res limit.

I’m on the beta version already.

I’m just finding that steam auto defaults to 100% if it tries to go below 0% . If I set pitool to 1.0 and notice steamauto will be on 40% for my 1080ti. Yet set pitool to 1.5 and steam auto goes up to 100% when you think it should have gone to 15% or less.

And you see this “wrong” SS nr. in FPSVR? or also in SteamVR Settings-screen? Haven’t observed that behavior.

Edit: PiTool 1.0 (SmartSm., no PP, Normal, 90Hz)
-> SS 60% (2840x2040)

PiTool1.5 (SmartSm., no PP, Normal, 90Hz)
-> SS 26% (2540x2014)

PiTool 1.75 (SmartSm., no PP, Normal, 90Hz)
-> SS 20% (2506x2061)

strange. 1080Ti here also and the aforementioned PiTool Settings lead to 60%, 28% and sth below 20% (because it won’t go under 20%) But FPSVR is showing the same results as in openVR here. So i don’t know, why its reporting 100% at your setup.
What i find interesting too though, is the horizontal resolution adjustments done in SteamVR.
At Setting PiTool 1.0 it seems to be the best balance between vertical and horizontal resolution, since its always set to Normal FOV. In Skyrim VR i have it 0n 72Hz tho and i talk myself into believing its less stuttering with PiTool 1.75 instead of 1.0 … maybe that makes sense, when having less horizontal resolution @ 1.75
Everything is tested here with the 103 beta.