Status of Kickstarter stretch goal for 3 free games?

I understand the other stretch goals are things that must be developed/manufactured/shipped. But one of the stretch goals, $2.5 million, was for three free games:

“Gamers - We will send you three pieces of selected content for free”

Then when $4 million was passed,

“After we have unveiled the stretch goal: 3 selected content, several studios come to us and very generous to offer us their content with discounted price. We will disclose the free content for you in the following updates!”

So…what’s the status? As far as I can tell there were no future updates mentioning them.


I still want the 4mil stretch goal intact.

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No reason to hold that back
@Alan.sun @anon74848233

Early preorders were also told we would get a free game. Could we get an update also?


I asked that question of Dallas on 8th April and all he said was that code hasn’t been sent yet

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