State of the forum

Scrolling through the topic summaries

You folks need more to look forward to in life than waiting on a new toy.

Seems like the only people not complaining are complaining about the people who are complaining.


I am not complaining, I am making fun of the present situation. Last I checked Mr Bean was considered comedy.


Really, I find it offensive to English people. You’re just reinforcing a stereotype of mumbly, bumbling, suit wearing weaklings. I’m reporting this thread to the EU council on cyber bullying.

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Umm you do know it’s a UK english comedy not a Stereotype :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:

Mr. Bean, Monty Python, and Benny Hill… my favorites


The Young Ones, Not The Nine O’clock News, The Comic Strip, Bottom
That’s my kind of comedy :smiley:

I tried to like Monty Python (series), but I just found it weird, except for Life of Brian and the King Arthur/Knights one. They were very, very good films :slight_smile:

Benny Hill just made me cringe.

I really like Rowan Atkinson (Not The Nine O’clock News, Black Adder), but I wasn’t keen on Mr. Bean


Red Dwarf would be my preference (glad I have the DVD box set)