Star Citizen going VR

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It was mentioned here:


There’s a few ongoing posts about it on here (mainly from me :stuck_out_tongue:) but agreed we should push where possible. It’s not coming any time soon though, being realistic.


I think if it get lots of attention then it’s more likely it will be scheduled :grinning:

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Read here


OH man !!! if they add VR to Cyberpunk, which I bought at day 1, that would be awesome! and then also Star Citizen, of course als backed… a wet dream :wink:


Plus the fact that Star Wars Squadrons is full VR on all platforms. The sheets are already soaked!

2020 seems to be a real tipping point year for VR.

Honestly as excited as I am about Star Wars. What i’m actually more excited about , and that I’m surprised nobody is talking about is how significant it is the EA is even doing this?

For years the big devs have been ignoring VR.

Maybe the success of the quest and games like HL Alyx, Asgards Wrath and Walking Dead getting mainstream attention. (all of these games were reviewed legitimately by outlets like gamespot, ign and even normally pancake youtuber’s like ACG)

Its possible we might finally see ubisoft, capcom, Namco Activision etc finally bring games like Zombi, Resident Evil 8, Time Crisis, Ace Combat, Call of Duty etc to VR.

and just to keep this post on topic. I posted about this on another channel but its worth posting again


It’s a running gag between my brother an me (we both know and esteem Chris Roberts since Commodore Amiga days) that we probably bite the dust before SC gets a release ─ with VR. Asking ourselves whether we may pass our Star Citizenship from the KS campaign to our grandchilds and grandnephews? :thinking:
For me it’s “No VR, no buy” ─ or in this case “No VR, no try”.
That dev statement at least gives hope for a VR implementation in the VRoaring Twenties of the 21 century… :wink:


VR in SC works fine already if you have the patience to follow a guide (and are comfortable paying for VorpX).

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I have some posts in the SC Forum where I show that I did already use VORPx. It works but with the downsides that VORPx brings over native support.
As a Sim, I think native VR is almost a must today.

I will try the guide and see how well it improves. Thx for the link!

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