Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019

They seem not to answer any questions anynore so we’ll just wait.
Damn I knew this will get delayed, in December I was ready to buy a plane ticket to China to get my headset, should have had.

Ok yeah, just wait. No problem. It’s just time. It’ll go fast.



So the 24th update becomes the 29th update thread and the posts between 12 and 20 hours ago are cut out including my question last night

“will all the 5K+ backers units leave HK before CNY?”

Even a "we are not quite sure yet will advise by xx date would be better than deleting the posts and ignoring the question. I am not angry even if my unit shows up in June, What does make me angry is when Pimax says over and over they will communicate better and then doesn’t respond to questions and hours of posts are deleted.
Also how is the 29th spreadsheet and update from the 24th?

I apologies for my rant as I see now the missing question was not in this thread but over in this one

Please forgive me outburst and @Heliosurge please feel free to remove this post or let it stand as a public shaming of myself

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No ready to forward column?

Have we had an official statement as to why the 8k production is not running?
I think the least you owe us is an explanation as to why 8k are currently not being produced.
In a statement last week, this was supposed to be the main priority in the run up to Chinese new year.
If there is a good reason as to why, then please tell us & maybe we will be understanding.
we are now going to have to watch pre-order delivery start, without knowing why we 8k backers are being pushed back.
edit sorry, I missed the last update showing 8k’s recently being produced.

the actual Batchinfo showed the produced the 8k

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Change of plans. 2020

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They produced hundreds of 8ks since last week but decided to give priority to pre orders it seems.

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OK, I’m now in the shipped column. Does this mean that UPS has possession now?

Are you U.S. guys still getting tracking numbers from the logistics company even if late? (Not just UPS Choice)

I know someone 55xx who just got a shipping notification the other day, and I’m in the same predicament as you. Here’s hoping everything goes well.

No idea…maybe @anon74848233 can answer lol

Thanks @Sofian & @mojojojo
I didnt see that last update.
Ok so they have recently started on the 8k production again which is good.
Did we get an explanation as to why the 8k production started later leading to them not being complete in time.

In this update:

Matthew told us they should be complete before 27th & sent out by the 29th.

If there is a good reason why that hasn’t happened then I am fine with that.

You’re expecting too much, but I’d go with @Sofian 's explaination.
Instead you could try to find out what the sound of one hand clapping is.

I suppose we will have to see what they post after this clock runs out

Yes that nice isn’t it. The pre-order website says that the first batch of preordre will be shipped in 15hours!! Thats so nice! :triumph:



No, I’ve checked against 2019-01-24version, while thinking about mylast post:

In the former spreadsheet from 2019-01-24 were no “5K BE” backer in the build section listed.
As @anon74848233 stated, he will update at the next time.

At the aktual spreadsheet from 2019-01-29 there are 45backer numbers in the building tab.

Well, not a progress in delivery, but in the spreasdheet.

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Can you link the preorder site with the countdown?

He’s talking about the counter in the Pimax store.

But pre orders have received information that Pimax starts shipping on the 25th already.

Link is in my post above his post

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Thanks. When I first clicked it it just took me to their homepage but its working now.

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