Sore nose after playing

I’ve been trying to use my HMD for the past couple of weeks but can’t play for very long as the lenses dig into my nose and the HMD is very front heavy. I considered the counterweight option but the cheap headstrap is falling apart and the velcro at the back doesn’t work anymore (and a little bit at the top) so that’s no longer an option.
I’ve tried putting a tissue between my nose and the lenses but they’re too thin. What are some workarounds you guys have found?

Yes you need counterweight with Pimax, but first replace that awful g-string headstrap. With proper headstrap (with headphones), you maybe need different facepad, depends of your face shape.
Remember, if it´s uncomfortable, you can not enjoy it.

This is a copy of my message on IL-2 forum:

Pimax ships without audio and with bad headstrap (except 8kx model, it has all the best). You need better headstrap, I couldn´t have clear picture with default “g-string”. Some people prefere separate audio headphones, but for average Joe it is better to have it compact.

This moment you have 2 - 3 options:

1) HTC Deluxe audio strap (DAS, ca 115€) + 3d printed hinges for pimax (ca 15-20€) - I have it, it is great. Some counterweight, or more cushions are welcome

*2) Pimax MAS a) with over ear speakers like index (120usd + shipping) , or b) with headphones higher quality (220usd + shipping) It is a new product, copied HTC Vive pro solution. *

3) There are already plans for 3d printed headstraps, with audio, but you need to make it, and to insert some headphones into it

3D printable Halo Headstrap

Printed 8k/5k+ headstrap with headphones

Printed 8k/5k+ headstrap with headphones

*PS: I saw somewhere that Artisan may go with audio from old Pimax 4k. *
PS2: I was thinking that only pixel count is important in HMD-s, but then without proper headstrap it was bad experience.


Ive been using my 5k+ with the regular bungee strap for around 1k hours since i got it early last year with no issue, counterweight is most likely the best comfort upgrade possible, even when using a Vive DAS or the upcoming MAS.
(The PSVR which has been credited as the most comfy VR hmd has a counterweight of 3ish oz/100is grams built in)

For me i just put my long hair into a knot on the back of my head and hook the hole in the strap over that, effectively making it so the HMD cant slide down to rest on my nose and most the weight is taken by the strap on top of my head, very much like the effect of using a counterweight.

Back in 2016 when i was still on vive i was really looking forward to the DAS being released but as soon as i figured out this trick i didnt care about the DAS anymore, havnt even looked up how much it costs in my local currency since i didnt have any need for it.

When the images of the pimax featuring a headstrap that is pretty much identical to the vive strap i was relieved, if it had been different in a way that would not allow for my trick i would have moved the vive strap to my pimax to allow me to wear it the same way as i had my vive.

I recently added the middle linked rigid 3d printed bit in the post above, no headphones as i prefer in ear buds, makes it easier to put on since the strap isnt wobbly anymore but i still hook the hole in it over my hair knot on the back of my head, wearing comfort isnt changed tho.
I modified my 3d print by carefully heating it up and pressing it down on my head to mould it more closely to the shape of my head.


You could also do like @mirage335 and use a zip tie (I think) to tighten the lower back part of the strap.

EDIT: Found it. Looking at the picture You probably get the idea:

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Thank you for referencing that.

Anything that shifts pressure away from the nose/cheekbones will probably help.

Since your strap has degraded, and your symptoms seem severe to me, you may want to contact Pimax about a replacement fabric strap. Then you should definitely apply some of the velcro/paperclip mods, and add a single D size battery as a counterweight.
Make sure to mention you want the kind of strap I modified, as the newer one I have seen looks unsuitable.

Alternatively, if you can wait, the Pimax MAS should be vastly superior. Since you find the HMD so front heavy, you may or may not want to use the comfort kit as well, since this tends to shift some of the pressure back towards the nose and cheekbones.

The DAS works ok for some users. It definitely needs a counterweight, is best for roomscale use, and benefits a lot from this VR cover product as well.

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Yeah, the DAS mod is not enough foam for me, though I do wear most baseball caps on the minimal head size setting haha. I haven’t modded it, it’s just slightly loose, so more foam helps a lot there im sure. I found the comfort difference to be absolutely drastic. The pimax HURTS the top of my head with the included strap after only 30 minutes. I get a similar pain with the quest, which is way front heavy. I can now play for hours with the DAS, but I think the official pimax solutions look really nice. With an HMD this nice I just don’t think the cloth cuts it.

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Specifically, by top, are you referring to the area that would be in the center of a baseball cap, or the area just above the eyes?

Because in the former case, this is caused by focused pressure on too small an area. I have the same problem not just with VR headsets, but also with audio headsets and hats generally. The solution has been to spread the pressure out more or redistribute it back to the face.

Expanding the top strap may help. With the fabric strap, the side straps should usually partly cover the ears. This should redirect more of the pressure to the area just above the eyes, on the face.

Adding some foam, velcro, etc, to the top part of the fabric strap may also help.

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Center as you mentioned, directly on top of my skull. Interestingly my ATH-m50 headphones never give me that kind of pain, but obviously the weight is nicely distributed there.

A counterweight fixed my issues with the quest largely, but I’ll give your recommendation a shot, thanks!


I’m using a DAS with the 20mm foam from VRCover:

On the cowling, I’m using a cheap 22mm PU foam for the Vive from AliExpress.

No counterweight. I just place the back piece of the DAS very low so it cups the back of my head.


After resisting for a while, I finally fixed this with counterwheights. Approximately 300g of bolts attached to back of the DAS.

I also use VR Cover oculus thick (15mm) velour pad. I do not lose much FOV and I added a bit of foam to reduce light leak. I find some gap still useful though, because my playspace is small and I need to peek where am I.

To my big surprise, with those mods my 5K XR is usable even in Alyx which requires you to move. And, I use it with racing motion system, no issues or pain (and my IPD is small so it is nearly minimal).


That the (diy) spirit :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I am not a DIY guy really, but Pimax headset (high FOV) is worth it.


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