Some peripheral objects "Pop in Pop out" when moving HMD

I noticed this problem during my first visit to the SteamVR Home environment. In my peripheral view I can see objects appear and disappear depending on the position of my head and yes even on small FOV.

The same thing happens when working in Unity. When I start the build some objects pop in / pop out all the time.

I think there is a correlation with the total number of objects in a scene and how many objects pop in/out.

Clearly a software problem.

Does anyone have a solution for Unity? a setting to tweak ?

Thank you very much!

Edit: also read about frustum culling


You must enable hidden mask and / or parallel projection in Pitool.


I believe you enable Parallel Projection in Pitool. I have this anomaly too. But I havnt yet tried to enable PP. I deal with it rather than losing FPS by using PP