Some info which I want to know before the survey of choosing 5k+ or 8k

  1. The retail price of 5k+ and 8k.

I still can’t decide that I should choose, so it will be great if I can have both of them and compare by myself.

but I have to choose that I will keep 8k and buy 5k+ later (if it has a good price).
or I should choose 5k+ and 100 dollars for other accessories.

So I want to know the retail price before making the survey.

  1. What benefit which I will get from upgrade my gpu to RTX serie?

The RTX serie almost launched.
If pimax is partner with Nvidia, so you should tell these detail and benchmark result.

I have concern about the “small text reading” when I watch the review of VooDooDE and Mixed Reality Tv (Still not watch the reivew of Sweviver).

I am not sure that what game which we will get problem of this small text. And if I want to set high resolution for readint the text, are you sure that we can play those game in 1080ti or RTX serie? I am still not sure about fps so much.

This is testing resul fps of gtx 1070 on laptop.

SteamVR HOME 63 fps
Job Simulator 73 fps
Budget Cuts 60 fps
Rec Room 55 fps
Skyrim 32 fps
Elite Dangerous 27 fps
Project Cars 2 26 fps
Raw Data 21 fps

This is computer spec of Sebastian.

GTX 1080ti
Asus Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming Mainboard
Intel Core i7 8700k Processor
32GB DDR4 Ram (G.Skill Ripjaws)
1 TB Samsung SSD NVMe
4TB Seagate HDD
Fractal Design Define R6 Blackout Case
Seasonice 850W Focus Plus Power Supply
Dark Rock 4 cooler

and the result

ฺBudget Cuts 90 fps
Rec Room 73 fps
Skyrim 80 fps
Elite Dangerous 45 fps
Project Cars 2 45 fps
Raw Data 75 fps

I am not sure that 45 fps of Elite Dangerous and Project Cars 2 is enough or not.
And some game such as “Hell blade” is error in VoodooDE review, may some game still not support for high resolution and so may we can get blurry.

Can you show the shaprness of text by using the RTX serie?

So please clarify about these question, thank you.

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Please move on and watch @SweViver 's review.
We are collecting preferences from early backers via email, please stay tuned for the email from @Pimax-Support

The retail price will be decided before pre-launch.


Thank you for reply, so I will finished watching sweviver review before and will ask more question later.

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@SweViver has an Rtx 2080ti on pre order.

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Okay, I see the comparision of sweviver already, it look the text is more sharper than the image of Sebastian.
Not bad and acceptable.

@Heliosurge Hope he will get the new gpu before the survey.


I would be curious if it’s like a high quality inkject vs Laser Print.

If you look close enough the injet is somewhat blurred where the laser is sharper. But if you weren’t looking for it might not really be noticeable that often.

As @VoodooDE mentioned with the 8k to really take advantage of it reccommends lastest video cards to power it. I think he said about 30% more GPU power needed over the 5k+.

With Luck @SweViver will have it on release. However who knows how accurate the Pre order delivery times will work out.

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Sweviver recommend 5k+

Nooooooooo, all tester choose 5k+.
I hope, it will have some tester recommend 8k, but no anyone.

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Watch near the End. He goes over pros & cons of both.

I would be curious with the 8k if the brightness was decressed (SweViver said 8k was +4lux over 5k+). The 5k also seems. To have a more blue? Vs the 8k.

I make a conclusion in my vr group.

The most I am worried is about “Dot pattern on panels”.

When I play on “acer” and “oculus go”, although the pixel line is horizontal, but when I move my head, sometimes it show the vertical line and become “net of pixel”.

Horizontal line on oculus go

Always become vertical line of pixel

We can see the “Net” on the gear icon.

Or may be it is dot pattern which be same “pimax 4k” which I can see it when I focus on it.

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