Some controller Compatibility issues with Index controller (Some Info)

I’ve had a ticket open with this issue since i got it november.
then made a new one last month as well for a direct link to these before.

Been with Steam RMA support at the same time as here(pimax support email), posting everything i did and what i could find(still have not got a reply though for the past 4 days).

the only time my issue does not arrive, is when it’s plugged into a USB port for the controllers.

and that is NOT ideal, Means that there is not enough bandwidth in the headset for the controller to both use.

the only thing i can think of as an ALT is to get a Vive tracker dongle or a steam controller dongle(then convert that to a watchman) then pair it to them… the thing is… i CAN’T find them anywhere anymore.
the time i was in the surgery/hospital all December, they had a Final sale for the steam controllers…

Been looking for at least 2 dongles, that would help a lot.
Not only could i try to have this issue fixed for my index controllers, i could try to use my vive wands as trackers as well(been reading that after trying for a solution for index fix).


these things claim that they work with the Steam controller. what’s the chance that these can be converted to watchman?

i’m not too familiar with the Steam controller. does it just support multiple modes: normal Bluetooth and it’s own thing?

also, just found this:

Doman Chen’s last message said he was bringing this to the R&D team, so I’m not sure how responsive they are. There’s 2 scenarios here:

  1. I am the only one with the ticket open. They might threat it as an individual case and not care about widespread fix.

  2. We all create ticket, it will get attention but slow down the support process because we made to much ticket about this.

I might suggest that 3 or 4 of you guys create tickets and all relate to the 2 major threads on this forum about tracking issue.

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Or have one thread where everyone afflicted can post much information about the hardware and software they are using like was done with the stutter issue.
Although when Pimax did address that one they didn’t bother saying what was causing it and why only certain people were affected, like this one.


As @dogbite said might be an idea to have a bunch of you fill out a report bug post in Pitool\ Report Bug

Post here copy and use template please.


i just submitted a ticket. unfortunately i’m on a different PC right now so i didn’t have my headset firmware version readily available.

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The problem with that reddit post about the dongles there are.

1: it’s third party
2: the original dongles sells for 12$ USD each, they want 20$ (2 of them for a total of 55$, with tax+shipping for me)
3: I can’t even get them, as i can only do paypal, and don’t have the money for it for debit card.

i am better off finding 2 of the controllers with the dongle for 60-70$ on ebay and get the legit dongles(and controllers with it).

But, that is really sad to even had to do that just to get this issue fixed…

yeah, I agree, they’re way to expensive to fix something that’s possibly just a software issue anyway. I think i’m gonna grab some cheap USB C cables for now and just tether the controllers to my headset until it’s fixed.

What i did for now.

bought 2 6.6 USB C To USB C cables to tether to mine.
waiting for them to come in, and see how that will play out.

if i need too, might get a USB slitter for the bottom USB-C port on the headset to use for the controllers…sigh.

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at least the USB C cables will still be useful for other things once this issue is fixed. :slight_smile:

I ordered two of these:

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Yea, that is true.
And this is what i got:

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i just sent info to @Alex.liu and he was asking about Index Controller firmware version. does anyone know how to find this info? i plugged them in and checked everything i could find but i can’t figure out where it says the firmware version.

I’m not sure how to find a version number per se, but if you both don’t get a notification to update them over USB I’d assume you’re on the same FW

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yeah, i’m pretty sure i’m on whatever the current one is. I have been plugging them in pretty often recently hoping for an update but no such luck.

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You can try my tool and run it with:

hmdq props -v3

It will spit out all properties about all tracked devices currently connected to SteamVR. Firmware version is one of them (Prop_FirmwareVersion_Uint64).


I’ve had this issue on all firmware versions of index controllers from day 1.


Don’t recall having to update my ICs in the 6 months I have had them. They show up to date in “update devices” but no version offered there.
My Vive wands reported “update available” when an update came out.

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thanks @risa2000. i was able to pull this using your tool:

1017 : HardwareRevision = 0x110e0009
1018 : FirmwareVersion = 0x5d2835b5

Seems to be stable as long as i keep 1 of the controllers to the USB C - USB C cable hooked up to the headset.

been playing Vrchat with a cable hanging down from the middle USB-C port of the HMD all the way to my left controller USB-C port… Fun that i have to play like this to keep the tracking perfect…
like there is not enough bandwidth for both of the controllers to use…

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