Some controller Compatibility issues with Index controller (Some Info)

The fact is a couple of days after the issue went through the channels Valve contacted me directly. (Over the course of a typical week they contact me 2 or 3 times for various things.) They wanted their US lab to test for this issue and another far more pressing issue but due to coronavirus all are working from home didn’t have headset samples to test with. I arranged for the samples and facilitated the feedback between groups.

For those reading Alex is indeed a good source as are some other people in the loop, keep in mind though that some of the updates are totally SteamVR oriented. Helio doesn’t have access to any of the standard flow of company information and in this case he has only a tiny slice of information.

Bottom line is there are a cadre of people testing for this and other issues that require collaboration. The big issue for the samples was actually solved and resulted in more Pimax compatibility with SteamVR updates.


I hope they can solve this serious problem, it is very frustrating to play Onward and constantly have ungrab and have to re-grab. Also frustrating on Alyx having little “move stops” and erratic feedback pulses… or directly on beat saber will be impossible to be competitive with that random rate of micro cuts tracking loses.

He tried dozens of tests thinking for some time that they were the bases, that they were the index controllers, that they were the reflections or something else, usbs, etc., absolutely nothing solves the problem, simply as we as many of us concluded it is a problem of radio on bluetooth with 2 connected index controllers.

My only solution is to connect a usb-c cable to the hmd to a controller, and the tracking works perfect then, as we have said it seems to only be able to work with a single controller via bluetooth to the hmd without loss.

5k+ 203 x2 LH v1

Big priority to fix this.


Those of you who presented some sort of SteamVR logs as proof of the problem: where are those logs located?

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Steam directory/Logs/vrmonitor.txt

I’m at work but I’m pretty sure that’s right.


True but you demonstrated you didn’t have access to this issue by your own check and post earlier. Sighting that there is no reports in your internal channels.

Alex has responded with a fair bit of info on the issue.

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@PimaxUSA Can you tell us the best way to get updates on this issue? I don’t want to bother Alex every week, but there’s not a lot of informations out there.

Not sure you are aware, but please note there’s another thread listing cases about this issue. I’m sure we will be willing to send any kind of report and test solutions if needed :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Tracking Issues April 2020


When the problem is happening, does it get fixed by turning the right controller off? I haven’t tried that test myself yet, but that would be interesting.

Thank you. I ordered the very same adapter and will definitely test this!

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Little update from Alex to my ticket:

"sorry for my delay reply because i had a long holiday from May 1.

Our engineers are improving hardware for better compatibility with Index controllers and we have a initial plan.

About already sold headsets, we get the e-mail reply from Valve , the Valve ask us for more compare experimental data , i will send the date to the Valve today .

Best wishes to you!"


Thanks for keeping us up to date! I’ve ordered that 20 dollar knockoff steamvr adapter. Lets hope it works. I’m really hoping pimax and valve can fix this issue, but it looks to be complex. If the adapter solves the issue I’ll be happy.

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Thanks for the update Leonardo.
But I’m a bit concerned if it is in fact a hardware issue, then it could exist in all Pimax HMD’s even the upcoming 8K X :thinking: sure hope this is not the case.


Strange thing for sure, @risa2000 have you seen any chip in the HMD for Tracking? I wonder if it is generic of a based on the Valve tech chip.

I did have a few drop outs, but not very often and it seemed more BS related, as most often it occurred with my back to one and then going down (which could be partially blocking line of sight due to my desk).

Also if I read correctly its not USB related and also happens with the valve dongle… that is stranger or its not only PiMax Related - anybody use some other HMD with BS, Index Controllers and Played Alyx?

Actually Alyx is the only game I ever had it in. As others posted in Oculus (Lone Echo, Asgards Wrath and Stormland) I have never had this and I have played them for many hours. I also never had it in games like Skyrim (also a few hours).
BUT Alyx is the only game I played that has the issue and also the only that makes full use of full finger tracking - Oculus only has the 3+1+1 Tracking… (less Data?)

oh man so many guessing’s


It happens in any game for me, not just alyx. It’s only once a minute or two, so in some games you can play without even noticing. At first I thought it was my room setup, but no. My controllers work perfectly with the OG vive, same base stations.

It’s defo not the USB bandwidth, plugging in the controller solves the issue and is sending the same data over the USB cable.

People are saying the issue is largely resolved with the valve dongle. This indicates, to me, either a bandwidth or drop out issue with the Bluetooth receiver in the HMD. I’ve ordered a dongle, so I’ll confirm if this works for me. Like you said, the additional finger tracking stuff might be the reason for this issue, but it’s worth noting that vive controllers and index controllers do have identical numbers of photodiodes.


Thx, are you playing Just steam or also in Oculus games? I have played Stormland for hours in one go, no drop out - I am quite sure.

Which dongels are you getting? (or what are the latest revisions)

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I haven’t specifically tried oculus games and I have plenty of them to test. That would be a great way to tell if this is a steamvr issue. I typically use revive to keep my play boundaries, but I’ll test thru just pitool tonight.

this is the dongle :


Christ… has anyone found another source for these? $10 shipping is a bit ridiculous. That thing can go in an envelope for 55 cents first class…


Keep us updated on this please :slight_smile:


Yup, 20$ each, plus tax and shipping.
I needed 2, and that would have been 55$ USD.

Plus, they don’t take paypal… so still a nope can’t do, do not know what to do thing. :thinking:

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Pretty sure you only need one, just as you’d only need 1 controller connected via USB.

I hate paying for shipping too but your alternative is paying >80 for a steam controller and dongle, and selling the controller on ebay again with no dongle. Too much work haha.

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I have not disassembled Pimax headset, it would be better answered by those who did (but are no longer among us). But in OG Vive there are two dongles, each for one controller. You are supposed to pair the dongle with the controller. The dongle itself is connected to the USB hub in the headset and communicates with the PC over the USB cable.

It is possible that Index controllers are able to emit more data than the original Vive wands, or Oculus controllers, so they may stress the USB connection, but definitely not by the bandwidth, only by the timing.

The other possibility is that the radio traffic between the dongles and the controllers gets more active with Index controllers and prone to dropouts.

The last question is, how Pimax actually implemented the receivers in the headset.