Some controller Compatibility issues with Index controller (Some Info)

Is this with the newer headsets too?

Because that seems like a game breaker to me, and I’m still undecided about buying myself a Pimax.

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This is something currently being evaluated. Maybe @Alex.liu can update the status. Some users don’t seem affected. But best to wait on an update on this.


Same issue. New HMD (8k+) and index controllers I regulary use with my valve index hmd. I know they work fine, using them for month without any issues.

I have only tested alyx so far. Left controller is doing strange things from time to time forcing the whole tracking to come to a full stop for a short moment. This really kills immersion. I really like the game on my index but I love the FOV on the Pimax but this kills it :frowning:


Hi there, just receveid the index valve controllers and two base station,s 2.0, i think i can join the problem
about 30 seconds when i,m starting in vr my controllers disapear somwhere else, i try to solve it but 48hours later no result, someone else the same isseu?

Yes, this whole thread has the same issue

Still no response from @Alex.liu who is in contact with Steam. Everybody having the same problem, please fill out the form of the first post of this thread:


Done, hope we get some feedback on this soon

lol, love your username

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Latest update from Alex:

I am sorry for my delay because i was still do a lot of comparative experiment. Include the different headsets( HTC/PIMAX/INDEX) , controllers , base station, even the different batches of the same model helmet(Pimax 8K Plus)

Preliminary judgment is that it seems has some compatibility issue between the index controllers and dongle of Pimax. I already told my colleague to get some help from Valve .

Best wishes!


There’s no way they didn’t notice it in testing though. Were they just hoping there wouldn’t be complaints?


If they were only testing mainly with Vive wands or their reskinned vive wand. Likely wasn’t having an issue.

Plus there are some whom are not having the issue with Index Controllers here or there would be more reporting here than we have so far.

@R1182 was having a tracking issue that he resolved by putting lighthouse higher up.

That would imply they promised compatibility without thorough testing. If Pimax is now seeing it as a hardware compatibility issue, they shouldn’t be promising and selling index controller compatibility until they get to the bottom of it.

Chances are, they’re using the same dongle in the vision line, which is just going to be a more expensive frustration at this point.

I genuinely think that the ones who do not experience the issues are not playing long enough sessions. When I play HL Alyx the issue shows it ugly face after 25ish minutes sometimes even longer, but it will show as sure as you will hear an “amen” in church (if someone would wander into one of those)


Wouldn’t expect it on the 8k+ and it’s bad news for the 8k+ owners but it is good news for 8k and 5k+ owners because it gives priority to the problem…


I played Alyx for 6 hours yesterday and the same the day before. As a retired persons I use my ICs for several hours at a time. This includes many long sessions playing In Death and The Golf Club VR.

Absolutely no issues ever.


The difficulty is simply the fact there are more than 1 revision of the dongle. By valve’s advertisement it should be compatible with each version.

Hopefully it is simply needing maybe some kind of firmwarw update to the SteamVR dongle. This is where proprietary dongles are a nuisance.

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I play sessions of a few hours daily and I was having an issue in Alyx with left controller dropping out randomly but since going back to pitool 249 that has stopped altogether for me.

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No from what I have observed those who have the index controllers are playing for good durations. Vs us whom have no controllers that are waiting on them

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I use 249 as well…


249 seems the most stable in all games I find, and 90hz refresh is still comfortable for me. All of the new features-bells and whistles of later versions seem to bring their own subset of issues so I’ll stick with a solid release for now.

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