Some controller Compatibility issues with Index controller (Some Info)

Seems to be stable as long as i keep 1 of the controllers to the USB C - USB C cable hooked up to the headset.

been playing Vrchat with a cable hanging down from the middle USB-C port of the HMD all the way to my left controller USB-C port… Fun that i have to play like this to keep the tracking perfect…
like there is not enough bandwidth for both of the controllers to use…

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With the controllers connected, click RMB on the SteamVR window > create a system report :beers:


Annotation 2020-04-03 131000

By the way, my Index controllers recently obtained from Pimax:


good to know! thank you. i pulled that report and i have the same hardware versions and firmware version as you.


i ended up just using the one cable as well and it had the same effect. no more dropouts! i tried using the top port first but that created interference with the audio so i moved it to the bottom. i routed the cable to the back of the headset though to make it interfere less.


I have this issue as well. Left index controller drops tracking for a fraction of a second every few seconds (you can see it blink out of existence). It wasn’t too problematic in HLA, but it makes using a 2-handed weapon impossible in Onward as you keep letting go of the foregrip every few seconds.
The controllers work perfectly with my wireless vive pro, so I know it is not a problem with the controllers. I tested it with both headsets last night, it’s only a problem on the pimax.



I would advise to fill in your informations from the top post here:

@Alex.liu from Pimax support is on the case and following the thread above. Your informations might help.


Same Onward issue here, is frustrating… for me is the most importante issue to fix now.

If this problem is not addressed it is impossible for me to recommend pimax to anyone, with such a serious tracking problem.

thanks Leonardo, will do!

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Honestly, this issue has been going since the start of the company and they never even bothered to fix it. I don’t think they will in the future too. I’ve decided that it’s time to let go of my Pimax and get an Index. Hate the FOV downgrade but it is what it is. I’d rather have a smaller FOV and good experience, than a large FOV with a bad experience.

@Leonardo just posted that Alex.liu is in contact now with Valve on the Index Controller issue. The problem often is, if the issue is not able to be reproduced then it’s hard to track down the cause. Some users are having issues while others are not.

That’s why it’s important to provide as much details as possible on setups. Due to the teams setups likely more match those whom are not experiencing the issue.

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Thanks you @Leonardo for keeping us informed, I very much hope that you can find a solution to this problem that would be a great step for all.

@paulbenard Yes this can decide my next purchase.

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It could be something that impacts a lot more people than we realize. Most people’s instinctive reaction would probably be that their controllers are busted and end up going to Valve instead of talking about it here.


I was able to skirt the issue by pairing my left index controller with the dongle for a vive tracker, instead of the (5k+) headset. I have no tracking problems now.


Good find man!


He seems to have found a better temporary fix which allows us to have wireless controllers. Just so that you are aware.

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I already stated this multiple times to them(both Pimax support and steam support).
Plus said it here as well.

The issue is, we can’t get a vive tracker dongles separate, or the steam controller dongle either
(you can flash them to watchman, and then link them up to index).

They just don’t sell legit copies of them anymore(they stopped in december for the steam controllers…)

Just a quick question, can you test if it still works flawless if you plug in the dongle directly into a USB port of your headset (instead into your Computer) ?


I get some info, Pimax has address a customer’s headset which has some problem for wireless disconnect often (not lose tracking), is cause by broken Bluetooth antenna.

May like this problem (not sure)

and this

If you same problem (look into the log file,i havent my headset right now,can’t check it. But i don’t think is the problem i meet…absolute another thing…) ,Try open a support ticket, this mean the hardware may broken…

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I will try it tonight

So we all just happen to all have the same broken antenna that only impacts Index controllers and not Vive controllers?


Yeah I also find this unlikely. If all controllers didn’t work sure. Still, worth bringing up.

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