[Solved] Sound has lots of noise

Audio from the headphone jack has lots of noise when there is sound.
Change usb ports until you find without noise. Had problems when i used the usb ports on the case. Changing to use a usb port on the motherboard fixed it.


try change your usb port or use a usb hub .
this may can fix.


Sadly it does not. The issue seems to only add noise during specific sound waves.

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nevermind xD It was indeed the usb that was the problem. When i tried i only used the front panel usb 2.0 and 3.0. But now when i tried from the motherboard it is now perfect :smiley:

This is quite odd though as only a bluetooth is connected and it is on the 2.0


Guys, frontal USB and P2 sound connectors ARE NOT SHIELDED !!!

Never, EVER use the front headers and ports for anything “expensive” or High tech.

WE should stick this kind of info !


That is not true for many gaming rigs.
The front panel USB ports are often connected to the same Mother Board headers as the rear on full size ATX boards.

90% of them are not shielded nor made of quality materials. Often passing right next the ATX power cable or other EMI sources.

Anything more sensitive than a pendrive will suffer.


Great man !!!(20 character)

Sounds like you have more experience than I do: I’ve never seen a single computer with decently shielded front/top port cabling. Frequently they do not supply enough power for the USB peripherals, either.