Solution: Flickering/Performance Drop in Steam VR Games

Thought I’d drop this here, because this solved this issue for me:

Basically, every time I’d start a SteamVR game (Skyrim VR in particular) the game would flicker and my FPS would drop to ridiculous levels. At first I thought it was SS issues, but changing settings didn’t solve it.
The only thing that I could find was to go to the desktop, click out of the active game window onto something else (like the SteamVR status) and then the flickering would stop and performance go back up.
Unfortunately, this also means that with the game window not on top, I couldn’t use console commands, ect.

The TL/DR of it is that you need to go to Graphics Settings in Windows (10 and 11) and make sure that “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” is turned OFF.

I didn’t even know this setting existed (my bad, but still this is Windows) and when I turned it off, BOOM.
Flickering gone with the game window active and probably gained about 15 to 20fps in the process.

Hope it helps someone out there who might have this issue.