SOLD- Sadly selling my 8k pledge (HMD only)

Hi guys,

As eager as I was to receive my 8k in the near future, my career has taken an unexpected turn and I will have to relocate to another country for no less than a year, which makes very unlikely for me to properly enjoy any VR (other than the oculus go) for quite a while.

My pledge is in the six thousand range (cancelled my initial pledge in the 1.200 range and re-pledged near the end of the KS…)

It is 8k HMD only and I want to recoup what I paid for (546USD, or more precisely today’s equivalent to 500 euros, which is roughly what I paid at the exchange rate of the day), not looking to make a buck here but not losing either. My KS account only has this pledge, also I have a solid 15 year track record as a seller on Ebay (250 positive votes 100%) and we can contact via linkedin to ensure “trustworthyness” of the parties in the transaction.

If anyone is interested just shoot a PM.

Thank you.


weird, i guess there are not many countries and jobs where a VR kit isn’t usable in spare time. Sounds scary to me.
Make it safe back home bro!

That’s not the case, I will keep my home and my current rig, but I will be travelling extensively while keeping quarters in an apartment abroad, I’m just not taking my monster PC, vr gear and simrig across the pond when realistically I anticipate very little spare time for hobbies.

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Problem atm is only headsets like Oculus go & headsets like WMR offer easy portability with on thr go ease of setup.

Whatttt I thought there were only 5000 pledges, apparently not then…

You could do a 5$ pledge too, so you have to subtract those.

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so the price is 546USD then, it says on their FAQ.

If I want to upgrade my pledge (Headset only) to Full package, what should I do? Will I lose my spot?

You just need to make up the difference in the pledge. You won’t lose your spot.

although it does say that it is lae in the game, can you confirm that they will still do this?

I purchased a headset only with 1 base station pledge.
After a couple of days they agreed to update it to my address.
Then I asked if I could upgrade or swap the base station for hand tracking. This is what they said. “sorry for your inconvenience,8k Kickstarter campaign was closed. You cannot change the pledge any more”

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I will ask Pimax, although I tried to add a couple of controllers to my pledge after the campaign was over and I got the same reply that it was no longer possible. However, I think that the lighthouses and controllers will be availabe a few months after the 8k HMD receives the green light, and that considered the actual number of the pledge makes little difference…

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I will take it. I messaged you.

Reserved. Will update if sold or failed to conclude the transaction. Thanks

Pledge sold. Thank you.

(Admin: please close the thread at your discretion).

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