[Sold and closed] Selling my 5k+ (UK)

If anyone is interested, I’m selling my Pimax 5k+ new in the original box, only opened to confirm it is fault free. Also included is the comfort headstrap from studioformcreative PLUS a replacement face cover from VR Cover. I found these to be essentials to make the pimax sit comfortably. I am an early Kickstarter backer (617) and my first headset was one of those that suffered with cracks. In the time I
waited for replacement I got a valve index and now can’t afford to keep both as I want to buy a canoe (if you have a Gumotex Palava let’s talk trade!). This particular pimax is therefore unused, only opened to check it’s working as it should.

I will also offer the buyer first dibs and a really decent price on my Kickstarter rewards as and when they come and you should get them earlier and cheaper than almost anywhere else (deluxe audio headstrap, eye tracking module, extra face cushion, wireless module at $200 off, custom glasses frame).

The pimax is to be honest the best vr headset I’ve used visually (I’ve used nearly all and owned a good few) and the field of view just blows everything else out of the water particularly with sims. Whilst the software is improving all the time, it still needs updating regularly though and then adjusting and playing around with the many settings to get optimal FPS and image. With two other VR headsets and other hobbies now I just have very little time and have decided for this reason the pimax is the one to go to raise canoe funds.

I want £450. Happy to post out all safe in the original boxes. PM me here or see my Gumtree ad if interested.

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Forwarded the link to my Bro-in-Law who lives in Norwich, not sure how much he uses VR nowadays though. GLWS.

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Thanks so much, it is now sold.

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