So where is our DMAS? (Now Shipping)

I ll install when I’m finished with work in like 7 hrs from now😖


Here’s a short video review of the DMAS and DCS that I happened upon this morning.

A balanced look at the pros and cons it seems. I personally really dislike having to put on earphones in VR, or having them touching my ears. I’m looking forward to when mine arrive in the mail.


i have just made a tricket as i have not herred anyting… and no ordres are listed on my store page :frowning:

hope it get’s sorted out…


I am wondering if we will get the metal hinges mentioned in the video.


Ok, that dmas sounded better through his microphone than the smas :joy::joy:

Take a closer look at the hinge, the back part that is connected to the metal rod is flat, making it sturdy “the part that really sucks about the SMAS plastic hinges”

I sure do whish they send along a set of those, to all of us how paid for the DMAS. If not i’ll be pissed


I am in the same boat. It’s the usual Pimax mess up where they ignore people who ordered their item almost 2 years ago, yet people who orderd 1 week ago get theirs first.

I was told by Pimax Quorra that mine was picked up and I should get a tracking number soon. That was 6 days ago.


All of China is essentially shut down at the moment for their national holiday. It’s common for workers to take the week off.

I saw there were a lot of packages processed last Thursday and Friday so a lot of them can work their way through outgoing customs but those that are air freight will probably not be in a transport plane until Sunday.


All good to know but I was posting more to highlight that Pimax never seem to improve or learn. How can Pimax still not have learned after all these years, how to prioritise shipping by order date?

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I totally agree with you.


Dmas much better then smas . Mids and highs sound really good. Just need a little more base and would be perfect. Only have done some iracing btw.:+1:


I wanted the og metal hinges from the start as could dremel them vs forcing plastic ones.

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Someone posted ab interesting idea of adding a butt kicker. At least good for simmers


@pimaxUSA be an idea to post your setting suggestion for the improved bass response. Folks just need to keep in mind there is limits due to open ear design compared to closed on ear.

We can work on adapting it for guide category.


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Ok so here goes.

So 1st thing I noticed, (and someone tell me if this is only me and what it could be) is that without playing any audio there is a high pitch (almost inaudible) whining noise , like static on the line. I didn’t notice this with the SMAS.

I thought it was weird so I plugged my KOSS Sporta-Pros into the Pimax left headphone jack and there was even more noise on the line. It seems that there is quite a bit of interference from the Pimax headphone jack.

I plugged the same headphones into a jack directly on my PC and its dead silence (perfectly clean channel)

anyway… this will be mildly annoying during quite scenes.

Quality vs G2 Index speakers: I would say its about as good as the Index Headphones on the G2 but maybe not quite as good, (because of the noise on the line and maybe slightly less bass)

Quality vs SMAS. Definitely better than the SMAS. You can at least tell that there is supposed to be bass there. I would say the bass is weak compared to my KOSS Sporta Pros, but considering that the audio is not on your ear it sounds “balanced” not bad at all.

Worth the $170 + $30 :canada: dollars?

Maybe. I can fit the Sporta Pros under the headstrap easily since the band is a thin metal band, but then between the eyetracking and the earphones my head feels twice as hot.

I think maybe balancing out the bass and not feeling like my head is heating up is a good balance.

RIght now I would say worth it, just because it makes the 8KX feel alot more premium. I just need to figure out this dirty audio line business.


I feel the same way after installing them today. I didn’t get any buzzing noise. Feel good. Solid mids and highs and bass is ok. I m happy with dmas


So I have determined that the noise is only on the right side. I tried to record and audio clip by putting my phone next to the right one. I uploaded to my Google Drive.

0-6 seconds is unplugged (to establish a baseline of ambient noise) you might need to crank the audio to hear it, but to me it sounds significant.

6-12 is plugged in

12-18 is unplugged

18-24 is plugged in

Does this link work for you?

How is the mic bleed?Does it pic up sound alot through the mic?

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Is it better than the index sound ?

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If the Index was an 8/10 i’d say these were a 7.5 In my case maybe a 7 because of my right speaker issue.

I haven’t tried it, but I dont believe that Flight Sim Guy when he was saying it was disturbing his GF from another room. Its loud when aligned with your ears but off your head its not much louder than regular earphones on full blast.

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