So. November then?

Seems like they were sharing with all the attendees that November is when shipping starts?


What year ? 2018 or 2019 ?


Don’t count on it shipping this year.

I think after this weekend we’ll have a better idea of this.


I just died a little on the inside.

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Do not worry about it. I think they will ship out this year.
At least shipping options will be given to backers.
Let’s hope.

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October maybe…:worried:

Or maybe Q1, pimax ship with controller at the same time, lol. But it is acceptable for me if they can solve all issues.

Problem of developing is setting shipping date and rush and have to set the shipping date for a lot of time.

Whenever the production started it will take roughly three months to make enough units for all backers. So November in case they decided M2 is okay for shipping.

Wasn’t the first shipment going to be for business customers before Kickstarter backers though?

I would hazard a guess if the feedback is poor from testing Pimax will offer backers a better M3 product but delayed until 2019.

And business gets the M2 soon.

Further delay also allows time for the 8K-X chip (that is needed for 4K per eye) to come out and make Pimax a leader in resolution.

Pimax reconsidered this strategy and will send out to backers first, then business partners…

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No, the story was like as long as the backers still don’t want it they have business customers already taking it.
So when a majority here screams still not good enough this could go on forever :wink:

…and where is the topic/email/KS update in which we backers can state if we don’t want it… which percentage is deciding it… 51/49, 60/40, 80/20?..

Are you sure Pimax is reading through all this forum topics and says „woh, we have the impression most of the backers don’t want to have this HMD version, so we send it out to our business partners…“?

iirc, you will be getting a survey to fill in, sent to your backer mail.

It was communicated in a backer update something to the effect that if the m2 is given a green light they will have 90% of the headset pledges (not accessories) filled before 2019. I’m assuming this an approximation mixed with a projection with a dash of Optimism expressed interpetively through dance.

Tldr: pimax internal projection seems to be getting many backers their headsets and taking preorders before new year, while shipping their accessories (a long with the 8K-X), retail headsets and to business partners in 2019.

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…with a pinch of salt added to each big toenail to add spring and sassy to the step.

rather quick action on yesterdays info - in realizing it’s going to be November - i simply picked up a used CV1-Kit Rift-n-Touch for 230 Euros today.