So is Chinese New Year finally over?

What’s the plan now?


Extended to 2 Feb, will come back to work from 3 Feb.

Edit: further postponed to 10 February.


Hahahahahaha. Will we get an X before the end of Feb though?


Everyone but you, friend.


You do realize what is going on in China and why the CNY break was extended, right?

How can you care about a delay and laugh at it when there are people actually dying?


Oh come on, nobody is laughing at the deaths of people.

But it’s indeed funny that even when Pimax isn’t delaying things themselves, an outside force will readily step in.

I’m fully prepared for more than a month delay though, it’s the sane thing to do.


Nowhere did I state that @generic is laughing at people dying.

I stated that he is laughing at the delay/extension of the CNY Break which is directly caused by actual people actually dying.

But I might have misunderstood.

To me it read as:

Is CNY finally over?

Reply: no, it was extended (link to emergency extension due to corona virus)

hahaha, can I at least get my X b4 February.

But I most likely misread and @generic is just miffed like everyone else at the constant stream of delays.


Just throwing this out there… until this virus is under better control, you might not want an 8KX in your hands right now anyways… :mask:


By the time the box actually got to the US from china, any virus on it’s surface would be long dead.


I’m laughing cause I try not to keep track of Pimax, it really keeps my mental sanity. When I do disaster strikes no matter the form.

I just find myself part of a black comedy almost like the series of unfortunate events.


Why did you make me think of this…


Yes their is a new coronavirus and like other coronavirus’ before it which every country in the world experiences every year it is less than 10% as lethal as the flu but for some reason the world has decided to over react into an extreme panic over this one.

Sars 774 deaths
Mers 858 deaths
2019 Coronavirus so far 7258 cases for 169 deaths
In the first 5 months of 2019 china had 1.77 million cases of the flu
In the 2018-2019 flus season America with one quarter the population of China had 490k hospitalisations and 34200 deaths from the flu.
In Australia a Country with just 24 million people we have on average 3500 people die from flu related deaths 18k hospitalisations and over 300k cases of flu each year.
But this yet another over reaction to a typically much less severe coronavirus has China on lockdown and the whole world in fear of coming into contact with the Chinese hurting the Chinese economy and every economy that relies on China. This will have a massive effect on the Australian economy and hurt all of us.

It makes me feel we should quarantine cars and processed carbs, so many more people can be saved from those deadly epidemics.

I’d love to know how the Chinese feel about having cities on lockdown and being deprived of food for something that is less deadly than common colds/flus people walk around with every day? I feel sorry for China and the world but not because of this seasons main coronavirus.


I’d like to know if this Corona-virus death toll actually affected mainly the elderly and weakened people or just at random. If the former, it would just be the typical “last nail in the coffin” type of disease which inevitably claims its victims but at the same time indeed would seem comparable to the flu, just in a much smaller order of magnitude.
However, if it is the latter then of course it may be something which is rightly considered to be trickier because it then could just randomly knock anybody out of his shoes for good which is a pretty creepy prospect, isn’t it.


With this logic even the Ebola isn’t a big deal…
Coronavirus has a far more greater mortality rate than the flu, and if it mutates it can become more contagious and lethal.

At this point in time it has been the former.

Which Coronavirus? You see when people state it like that I wonder if they even have a basic understanding of what a Coronavirus is? This so called epidemic is incorrectly called Coronavirus because Cornavirus is to this outbreak as is calling a particular lethal strain of the flu, simply the flu. But most people are not worried about the flu. If a particular flu came out tomorrow, lets call it influenza 2020 that had a 70% mortality rate it is unlikely people would simply call it the flu, it would be referred to by it’s name. The typical flu doesn’t kill to that degree.

At this point there seems to be no evidence to back the claim that this 2019 coronavirus has a mortality rate far greater than the flu. And like the flu it seems to be targeting the same people, the elderly and sick.

According to COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer In China there have been 7801 cases for 170 and outside of china an additional 110 cases for no deaths. That currently makes a 2% mortality rate if there have been no other people infected which I highly doubt. I’m not sure how those cases are being determined but if you compare flu deaths with hospitalisations the mortality rate is higher for the flu.

Time will tell and I could be wrong but I recall when people were panicking about Mers and Sars and both of those turned out to be over reactions and mild in comparison to the flu.

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The one the world is talking about right now.


We should get back to this when CNY is actually over. I thought it was over cause it was over here in SGland. Apparently we are closing our borders somewhat to Chinese Travellers here so it has to be semi serious. Either ways best wishes to everyone and stay safe, stay indoors.

Actually I also wondered and hoped that the team and all over there all doing well.


We need verifiable in depth statistics

What you just said is very uninformed.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in China is much much higher than what is being reported, simply because there are instructions from high up to ‘not’ diagnose and confirm cases, because this would reveal the situation had lost control. Ppl were told to goto the hospital but not being looked at, dying before even attended, and infected households doors sealed by the officials, leaving them to starve, and burning the dead in crematorium in secret. Many had use vpn to contact the outside world pleading to the world for help and described it as hell on earth.

It only took 2 months to reach this very unrealistic low number of infections yet SARS took 9 months to get to this number.

Not this is pimax related but ppl should not be taking this coronavirus lightly, and realise that some are lucky even in the event such as this the basic human rights are still with us, some are not so fortunate.

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