So i have been hard on pimax at the beginning,But wow; they did come far now with the 8kx,let me explain:

As some people know i had almost every vr headset out there(exept the varjo vr3)
The list is too long to mention every headset,but for the pimax line up i had them all.

I lost my love with the pimax 8kx a while ago,i had that headset since the early beginning.

It had bad mura and just wasnt right.

Between that time i had again many headsets like the star vr one,valve index ,vive pro 2 ,quest 2, valve index and the whole pimax lineup etc.

When they announced the 90hz beta firmware i bought again a pimax 8kx…

To my suprise this unit was alot better,far less mura…Ofcourse it needs some time to get the right settings.(the ipd settings is different,you need to tweak it a little)

But now i am testing the alpha firmware 90hz that works on the latest nvidea drivers i must say i am blown away… They ironed out some bugs that the 8kx had…

And pimax support has grown big(i have some problems now with the vive pro 2,but at the moment the support from vive could learn something from pimax)

At the beginning i would say i would never buy a pimax again… But now i would say:suprise us pimax with something new and i would buy it again!(oops did i say that?)

So yes at the moment i would recommend pimax again… By the way sorry for my english,its not my native language.