So, how does one change their pledge from 8k to 5k+ anyway?

So, how does one change their pledge from 8k to 5k+ anyway?

And how does it affect your delivery time/position?

My understanding is that Pimax will email all 8K backers within a few weeks and ask for your preference.

My understanding is that it should have no significant effect, but it might vary a little, simply due to which units are produced on a particular day in the factory. Units will still be shipped according to your backer number, which will not change.

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@deletedpimaxrep1 @Heliosurge
Before you send the mail to the sponsors to decide whether to choose…

Pimax should wait until we have well-contrasted opinions and references between both 8k and 5k+ models.

And to know the real performance comparison, etc… With a more complete and exhaustive review like the ones done by @Cdaked @Neoskynet :wink:

You see logical that Pimax makes public and to know the existence a month after his release as it seems to be… From the new 5k+? :thinking:


I am certainly not going to want to make that decision before the NDA is lifted and I get to read multiple more in-depth reviews so at the very least I don’t want PiMax to force us to change before we have all the actual facts.