Snow on Pimax 5K/ Bad Cable

@Sean.Huang I believe I have a bad cable as I’m experiencing snow in my headset and was a backer, I also read that other had similar issues as well. What should I do to fix or get a replacement cable?

Sorry for your inconvenience
Please raise a ticket from here

Our technical support will deal with it.

The bundled cable doesn’t semm to be isolated well. Make sure it is not crossing any other cable or near any other potentially disturbing device or cable.
I also had “snow” on my 5k+ recently - until I untangled the cable with some others that also are connected to the PC.
If this still doesn’t help then perhaps the cable is really defective.


@Sean.Huang Ok, cool thank you and BTW I love the headset since day 1 and I understand issues may arise!

yes, thank you :slight_smile: I got snow last few weeks, more and more every day. First just a few whites, but lately plenty in all colors. Problem was 2 usb cables for charging my index controlers, or/and my HOTAS (joystick) cables. After trying to move HMD cable from others, not one snow pixel more :slight_smile:

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