Slow Drifting to the right with ED

Hello there, I am playing Elite Dangerous with the Pimax 5K+ since a few days. This is my 4th replacement unit (use to have snow pixel issue before took 4 months to resolve).

Now, I noticed that the Elite Dangerous world is slowly drifting to the right requiring me to reset/recenter the view about every 5 minutes or I need to turn on my chair accordingly…
After one hour of play I have a done full circle and entangled in the cable :smiley:

Few questions:

  1. Anyone playing ED with this issue/drifting?
  2. How to calibrate the HMD magnetic sensor ? I cannot find anything in the latest PiTool beta just the horizon calibration.
  3. Do I need to buy a Vive base station for it to work?
  4. When the Pimax base stations will be delivered ? (So I don’t need to buy a Vive one).

I don’t want to SUPEN yet as it will probably take another 4 months…I want to try solve the issue myself with the help of experts in this forum. Thanks.

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The base stations(lighthouses) will solve this. I have the vive lighthouses, and on older Pitool versions sometimes my lighthouses wouldnt get recognized and I would have to rely on the HMD’s internal gyros and on certain games I would get the drift as others have experienced too. But now that my LH’s get recognised every time I dont have the drift. Most suffered the same issue with the Pimax 4K which did not have the capability of LH’s.
I think the Pimax LH’s are supposed to be available in July according to Pimax so that probably means December :roll_eyes:

There was never a fix for the drifting on the Pimax 4K so Im “assuming” there wont be for the Pimax 5K+ or 8K either? Who knows…

just get the valve index lighthouses next month.

This issue can occur if certain game pads, such as the xbox360 pad, are connected.

No gamepad connected, my headset is taking dust as I cannot play games with it.
This is a disaster. Will the new models 8K+ & 8KX have the same issue?

I bought only one lighthouse (v1, old type), and I play all games with this. No problems by now. 6dof is much better then 3dof, even in seated games, like Elite D.

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So you’re using it without the basestations?

Move your headset somewhere else than where you usually play to see if it’s still drifting?
Drifting might be caused by a magnetic interference from for example loudspeakers, headphones…

I recommend you contact the Pimax support, @Doman.Chen might be able to help you.


3 out of 5 men have issues with ED and drifting. Speak to your doctor.

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4th replacement? Wow, sorry to hear that. You must be due a free 8KX by now :wink:

I’ve always used one v1 LH with ED, no drifting for me. Can occasionally end up slightly off centre, either at launch or after looking behind in 6DOF, so I smack the backspace key which is ‘recentre’ for me.

Consider getting a second hand one? Once the v2s are more common there should be more to choose from. Hope it’s not a problem with the headset itself, or it might be time for replacement 5… :frowning:

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I have also seen drift, while playing ED, even with a base station.

It’s fine right now, but when I turn on my room fan (which is right by my chair) the headset starts to drift. I think it’s due to the magnetic field produced by the motor, which is less than 1m from the headset. It’s only a problem in the summer, but it is annoying.

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Although nothing like the horror I had with my old (3dof) Rift DK1, I too find myself with drift now and again, even with base stations. This has been both with SteamVR and Oculus devices/runtimes.

I believe Elite does its own relative in-gamespace tracking on some level, without reintegrating with your absolute playspace position and orientation from time to time, so tracking hitches accumulate.


I was curious how the magnetic sensor works (and therefore be disrupted).

I guess like this:

Here is a video of the problem:

I wish in PiTool there is a slider to adjust this constant drift.

as long as pimax is not coding a calibration into pitools the only thing is what @neal_white_iii did, locate the source and remove it


I don’t have a base station and only the HMD both P4k and 5k drift in all games.
it’s one thing that didn’t improve when I upgraded. that and SDE :frowning:

ED seems to have some sort of additional problem with drift. I see it even with a base station. I now have a second BS, but I haven’t set it up yet. I’m hoping that it might improve the drift.

My suggestion is to bind an easy keystroke to recenter the headset. I use Voice Attack and a “recenter” verbal command to initiate the command.

Slow drifting to the right with ED? Be happy you can get it up at all. :smirk: