Slight binocular overlap displacement in 12K?

@nordic @PimaxQuorra

Hey Pimax - I saw on the 12K trailer, each display was rendering different images. I’m pretty sure that each display should render the same image in the binocular overlap area (120 degrees) and only the outer half of each screen should be extended with information you cant see in the other eye. The inner half of each screen towards the nose should have the same information, not missing information… Currently you have some missing information which should be being rendered (See image below). The entire binocular overlapped area should have the same information albeit displaced by a few degrees, and everything outside of it should be different.

You guys should really try to get the same amount of binocular overlap as the human eyes have (120 degrees) on the 12K, it would be good for marketing. Also - will the comfort kit come to the 12K (the forehead rest) and it possible to use the 12k without the battery on the back?

Are you referring to a graphic that someone put together on the computer for PR? Interesting.


You never know, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is just a rendering issue easily solved by a firmware update even if it isn’t just a CGI mockup, but first impressions are very important. I’d like it that Pimax was aware of it if it is the case so they can fix it before the 6K releases

I don’t think that’s actually a good representation of the displays. Having an 8k I can tell you there’s nothing “missing” in the overlap - would just like more of it.

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