Shortcut key to recenter Pimax Gyro?

While I had a Pimax for a day one of the things I noticed was the gyro drift. I know you can recenter it within the Piplay window but is it possible to assign a shortcut key like I do with Freetrack?

At present the most requested feature of late. +1

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You know, one of these days you will have to respond about this…

Really, how hard can it be?

That and reduce the ghosting

Yes please. Can’t be that hard to impliment, can it?

We need to be able to reset center AND yaw.

Hi, we plan to add this shortcut key you referred in Piplay version 2.X, please be advised : )


Awesome news! Do we have an eta on v2.0 release? :heart_eyes:

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That’s great news.
If you want inspiration, have a look at the “Virtual Desktop” application on SteamVR, it does center/yaw reset.

So, almost 2 years later - how’s the progress?
I am having big issues in Assetto Corsa Conpetitione, where I can recenter my in-game view, but the HUD and menus are bound to the steamVR center and keep drifting away

opentrack for instant centering is still indispensable.


Oh wait - opentrack can actually recenter SteamVR?
I mean the SteamVR view itself, not the in-game view.

The thing with ACC (in contrast to AC) is, I can recenter the view and compensate drift with CTRL-SPACE (resp. a mapped button), but both menu and HUD are bound to the SteamVR center, thus drifting away up to 90° to the left or right.
So I need a solution to recenter SteamVR aswell.

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In Assetto Corsa Conpetitione opentrack, the view in the game itself and in the game menu is centered. The HUD game follows any turn of the HMD when centered in any position. Just try it. Currently, the opentrack does not center the view in the Steam VR room itself, but in earlier versions of Steam VR it was possible to do so.


Damn right, it works! Thanks for the hint, mate! :slightly_smiling_face: