Shipping Discussion (upgraders vs pre-orders)

you a backer or upgrader?

Pre-order. 20202020202020

And you have a tracking number already?

Pimax you got some splainin’ to do


We started shipping of pre-orders a few days ago.


You are shipping preorders and backer upgrades at the same time.

Yup, alot of backer-upgraders feel cheated :pensive: myself included, because that was not what was promised in PimaxDay 1 & 2. and neither in the last live thing.

I’ll continue Beta testing, it keeps my mind off it and have another beer :wink:


Technically it was the pre-order-upgraders like me who feel cheated, because that promise to push us to the back of the queue was made after we had ordered. But I’m not bothered about waiting so I didn’t say anything more about it since the Pimax days


Exept my unit,because they want a another 100 dollar on top what i already payed at 1 november 2019 for the backers upgrade plan c…

They messed up al my orders…I went from a 8k to a 5kplus…(but that one broke and was send back)

Let say if i preorder and paid for the tv,do you think they could charge you again a another 100 dollar afterwards?No way!


And in total random order.

I feel cheated too. Even @SweViver promised that they would ship out in order of preorder numbers which of course would make sense. And now they’re doing it totally randomly. What’s the use of pre-ordering then in the first place? What did I get for giving my money almost a year ago to Pimax? I could have just put a pre-order in last week.


Pimax Day 1 they said clearly Backer upgrades would be first. I do agree the announced additional 500 backer upgrade spots in Pimax Now shouldn’t bump the que.

I think most are tired that pimax cannot seem to stick with any advertised plan.


Received my PImax 8KX today. HOWEVER, are we supposed to receive our other orders in the same shipment? All I received is the headset. No index controllers, eye tracking module, etc. And no extra face pad? Have they forgotten or are their multiple shipments if you have multiple items on order?

PS - I am an upgrading backer around the 2460 mark in Melbourne Australia. Had to pay $231 (AUD) entry fee/duty for just the headset.


Why does this not surprise me at all?

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At the point I pre-ordered, Pimax had only stated that the original 400 X backers would be honoured first, and everyone was fine with that.

It was after this that they announced all backer upgrades would come first, even those who ordered later, making early pre-orders meaningless. I remember this clearly and it was discussed here at the time.

But hey, one thing we can all agree on is that Pimax do not ever announce a crystal clear plan first, and then stick to it :slightly_smiling_face:


Backer Box ships separately new target date begins Sept 9. ET also ships separately. As for your Index Controllers not sure but likely will receive in a separate shipment.

You should have received 2 foams. So I guess that is still not fixed and you should file a ticket. You can likely see some kind of status on your other orders.

Congrats on Receiving your X!


Then you missed it in the Pimax Day 1 & 2 presentations that said Backers, Backer Upgrades then pre orders. This was how it was presented in Sept/Oct Pimax Days.

Indeed don’t recall them hitting a target yet. Even Pimax Day 1/2 and Pimax Day 3(i mean Pimax Now) were late. :roll_eyes:…🤷


yeah this guy has a tracking number already and my order was placed oct 31 the day the orders went live and no tracking number yet. A little disappointing…but it gives me time to prepare my setup.

Gotta get ready for squadrons.


wow , thats an impressive tax to pay. Almost half a reverb g2

I’m wondering again what’s going on here! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
As a backer, I upgraded to the 8kx and so far I have not received any information about the shipping of my hardware, which I have paid for almost a year!
Now I read that you have already started to send the orders to some preorder customers?!
Come on… That is not true, is it?


Not sure where I got this link from but there’s a list that people have been using to track who has been getting what


They are making multiple shipments, but you should have gotten the extra face pad shipped with the headset (at this point). Some early batches only shipped with 1, but Pimax said that they’d correct that mistake.