Shipping bundle

Hello, earlier this year we had a questionnaire as to whether we wanted to wait to get all of our items together or whether we wanted to get the headset first and the rest as it was available, is Pimax still using this list, are we gonna get this option again now that the time span has been increased by around a year?

Im personally not prepared to wait till q2 of 2019 now to start to receive my items when the original estimate was a something like a 3 month delay between the headset and the controllers.

@XabbuSwe @Pimax-Support


Is there anyone in the first batch who had chosen to receive the headset with the controllers?

My view was considering to wait was considering to add even further delays.

Since it’s Kickstarter, better to get something than nothing.

i sent a kickstarter message to get the HMD and basestations 2.0 as soon as possible, and controllers next year when they are ready.

I plan on getting Valve Knuckles the day they are released.

The delay i expected was a few months, not a year…

Mine was send loaner 8K ASAP.

You never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’ve got emails and PMs to @Pimax-Support for this exact same question. I have received no responses, so I was going to resend after their holidays.

Thanks for your support in Pimax and sorry for the delay. Since we started to ship the first batch of the 8K for the backers. We will get in touch with you before shipping your package. Please be advised. Have a nice day!


You should be on holiday, :smile: go relax!