Shadow Legend VR out today, Shows Pimax logo on the dev page


Cool, I was thinking about picking this up. Glad to hear that it has already been tested with the Pimax. I am of course assuming that it has been tested with the Pimax if the Devs actually put the Pimax logo up.


Awesome news even without motion controllers as of yet it will be added to my library. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

@acegamer yes hopefully been tested. But likely means at the very least a pimax sdk has been used. Also another proof devs want their content on pimax! :heart_eyes:

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Just got through downloading it. Been waiting for it for a while hopefully it’ll be as good as it looks


Ok, firstable, you need to run this game as an admin
Otherwise the Vive wands doesn’t work.

Ok seems promising,beer and wine drinking in the very beginning. :beers:

Pitool 1.25, HAM enabled, Steam SS 44%, ingame SS 1.3, Large FOV
Doesn’t need parallel projection.

Should be gamepad compatible, I had my xbox wireless on and the game asked if I want to remap the buttons or something. Good news for the 3DOF players I guess.

Ok, played an hour or so, this game is interesting so far, thanks @peteo for pointing this out.
There are some “world scale” issues though.