Serious Question: Straps when?

I’m just looking for a ballpark date.

Hopefully this has already been answered and someone can guide me the right way.


Straps? Or you mean Pi DAS?


The Kickstarter PImax DAS.


Very good question. @pimaxusa @anon74848233


I don’t know how many times we asked for an update and still nothing. It seems a lot of us bought a HTC DAS and adapted it. But i do not want to do it if I receive the pimax deluxe headstrap soon.
If Pimax is struggle to develop their DAS or will deliver in a year or two, please tell it, at least we will know.


Yeah, Pimax still has a communication problem.

I was able to improve the comfort of my 8K with a cheap and simple fix: A counterweight. I use my wireless audio headphone for sound. It’s an acceptable solution for me, but I would really like the deluxe head-strap, too.

Counterweight info:


I’d also like info on the extra $100 of mine they have since basically switching us all to the 5k+ over the 8k during kickstarter.

At this point i just consider it lost money, but somethong obviously wrong is going on when they’ve had headsets out for what 8-9 months now but no other supporting bits of anything.

In case they’re not aware and reading this: Dear Pimax, you have a huge communication and credibility problem.


I’m sure that they are aware. They’ve made attempts to fix the problem, but somehow, they just can’t seem to follow through.

Personally, I can understand the situation, since at one point I tried to help out with the forums for the company I work for. (I’m a software engineer.) After a while, it became overwhelming; I couldn’t keep up and do my official job (or else I would spend hours of my free time answering questions). Since I am salaried, I get no overtime pay and already put in way more that 40 hours without the “extra” work.


I’m pretty sure that we won’t see the strap until the public release of the 8kx. Sadly…
Having finaly grasped that the comfort of an HMD plays a major role in selling units they will most likely release their flagship model with the most important accessories. Until then they have plenty of time to refine everything + saving loads of shipping costs to bundle at least the major missing parts. Even IF the strap was ready there is no way they would send it ahead of BS and controllers. It is just not economical…sad but likely true


Thanks Neil. This sounds like a bloody good idea. I’m forever pulling down the strap from the rear to alleviate the pressure on my nose.


I had trouble breathing with the pressure on my nose and sinuses. The counterweight solved that problem completely.

It’s not pretty, but it was free. There is a little more effort involved when donning or doffing the headset, but the extra weight isn’t a problem, since the headset is balanced on your head. Any sort of compact weight will do; I’ve heard of people using all sorts of things, like a battery pack or a bag filled with sand.

The most important thing is to get the right amount of weight. I found that roughly half the weight of the headset itself (11.1 oz / 312 g) worked well for me.


Flat brackets taped together is also a cheap solution.


I purchased the vive DAS just after my 5k+ arrived and I am very happy with it . The rigid strap kind of hooks on the back of my head so I can lift the headset off my nose . Hopefully the Pimax version does the same .


yes I have the DAS as well, and also find that once you have it on your head -that if you adjust the velcro strap on the top of the head a little tighter- it holds the HMD off the nose area so (in my case) a counter-weight wasn’t a comfort mod I felt I needed.


Same here. Also make sure the back part of the DAS “cups” the back of Your head and You’re golden… :wink:


Still no answer from Pimax. @pimasusa, i see you active on the forum, how can you ignore us on this simple request of when the headstrap will be available?
Once I will be fed up of waiting, i’ll eventually switch to the valve index and never come back. The current confort of the pimax does not allow long session and it cannot compete with the index even with a better FOV.
Please, provide news and date.

Since getting My Valve Index, I now see why the DAS is so important, the cloth strap it just S#!te.

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