Sending a base station together if Pimax 8k viewer

The Pimax team could try the possibility of
send in a first batch together with the VR viewer,
a base station to have absolute positioning while the rest of the pack is available?
It would be perfect to be able to use them correctly.

so we would have a better experience and we could start a more stable and reliable development.


Totally in agreement with you, it would be a detail on the part of Pimax.

Yes it would be nice if pimax could manage production to be able to send 1 BS with the HMD, at least for those who don’t own any BS from previous vive.

3DOF HMD is not fun, it is not a matter of seated game or not, VR without positional tracking isn’t true VR for me, even for seated games.

Now if it cannot happen (which I’d understand anyway for a kickstarter) I just hope they could do their best to at least shorten the delay between HMD and BS delivery.

That being said I don’t want them to rush production neither. Quality first, this is what matter the most. I prefer to wait a bit more and get a product with good QA standards, without dust, misalignments, scratched lenses, dead pixels, faulty electronics or any flaw like that.