Selling my brand new 5k+


finally got my 5k+ today (25.02.19), only opened it for testing (1 hour Assetto Corsa), haven’t seen any dead pixels or the famous black dots, everything is working. It’s a really great headset. Reason why I’m selling is that i was expecting it to arrive a bit earlier so i could use it over the winter. So now spring is coming and I have the feeling that I will not use it enough. Who knows, maybe i buy another one next winter…

Also included is the great deluxe strap from Studioform Creative, tomorrow (26.02.19) i’ll receive one vive base station brand new, can sell it too, otherwise i’ll send it back to amazon.

PM me if you’re interested, location is in Austria but can ship too.


strange decision…do you live in Africa?

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No he probably does not.

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Ill take it from you. Ill PM you.

Haven’t got a message from you…

No, but as I wrote I will use to little in the summer months and it’ a shame to just leave it lying around unused.

interested , sent pm . edit : not interested anymore

Got my Vive base station and the wall mount today, full package for 950€.

Not that there is anything wrong with selling it. Not at all. But just curious…do you also sell all your winter clothes/jackets/boots/gloves, maybe ski’s/snowboard if into that, as well and then just rebuy them every winter since they do not get used during the spring and summer months most likely? Do you have a list of summer items to buy to replace the ones you sold last fall? Nothing wrong with selling your HMD, but your reason just naturally brought this question to my mind and made me really curious.

Good luck with the sale, I am sure it will go real quick.


There won’t be any winters after this one anymore, global warming.


It’s never bad to have some extra money left for holiday etc, also to be honest i’m not that much of an vr enthusiast anymore as I was when I backed the headset almost 1 1/2 year back.

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There are plenty of 5K+'s on eBay people…

Du hast eine PM bekommen :sunglasses:

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It is now called “climate change”, not “global warming” anymore. tstss…
Hard to deny that climate always changes :joy:

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