Selling 8KX backer upgrade, BRAND NEW headset only, once Pimax ships

I am a backer upgrade customer who has an 8KX on order hopefully due to send sometime in Aug/Sep. I would prefer to sell my unit before receiving the delivery to my house. Meaning, someone could purchase from me, and I will give Pimax the delivery address of the buyer so they can ship directly to you.

I am asking for offers for the BRAND NEW 8KX headset with SMAS, no bundle of controllers and basestations, so it’s just the HMD.
I will immediately accept an offer of $2,100 AUD, approximately $1,450 USD, but will be open to offers if multiple people contact me. The price includes shipping direct from Pimax. If you are a regular buyer and want to get an 8KX as soon as possible before regular buyers will receive theirs, the small price premium compared to retail should seem fair.

will probably sell mine as well, why not ask for a refund? is that not possible?

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i think i am gonne sell mine too(pimax 8kx with the deluxe audio dmas and eyetracker discount )

ordered in november 2019(backers upgrade) so it wouldnt take long any more…

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would sell mine for probably $1200USD, it would be with delux audio strap, that’s only an upmarket of $90, as you have to factor in $60 delivery, which may change based on where the person is.

how exactly would you protect the transaction, say I get the money first, then i contact pimax to change address, how do i know they will honour it?

ok that’s me ordered the G2 from bestware, anyone that wants to buy mine can do so now, had the 5K+ and thought it was good but dont want base stations and big HMD on desk.

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Hmmm, this does sound interesting…

Keep in mind that taxes will be beefy too.
I estimate the stretch goal package (KDMAS + CK + Sleeve) to be worth around 300$.
Almost sure that it will be sold for that price, 250$ minimum.(consider that I have not included eye tracking and wireless coupon in that calculation, so it is even worth more)
So with the upgrade plan It will be ~very roughly 900 (upgrade plan) + 170 (taxes) + 300 (missing out on accessories)
I guess canceling may be the better way to go. There is no way to make a buck that way.(better sell the stretch goal package if you don not any need for it anymore)
Too bad they do not distribute via Marseille, instead sending it out from china straight.

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i’d rather sell it as it means someone gets use for it, i am happy for a small charge by myself, not looking to make money, just exit out and give someone a good opportunity.


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