Selling 8k (headset only) pledge

I backed the Pimax 8K on Kickstarter and no longer will be able to use it due to a change in my living space. Does anyone want to buy my reservation? I backed on Nov 27, 2017 and am backer number 4,536.

Payment via PayPal only

Ah! Plonvick! What a nice dinner did you have. Still positive over the Pimax 8K?
Must have felt like a privilege to be attending the LA invitation at the time of E3 to test the Pimax 8K?

What do you mean not sincere? I want to sell my Pimax reservation because I’m moving and won’t have space for VR.

how much you looking for it, is paypal not paypal f&f.

George just feels the need to respond to every post. Good luck with your pledge :slight_smile:

I would be looking to get back the $541 which I payed for the HMD + shipping [quote=“Plonvick, post:1, topic:7440”]

I am interested buy ur pledge,please contact me