Selling 5k+ plus coupons (SWE)

Used and loved, but still in very good, fully working condition. As I was a Kickstarter backer, I can pass on the $100 Pimax store coupon. I should also be eligible for a $100 coupon off the wireless module and half price eye-tracking module. This auction includes these extras if Pimax ever delivers on them. Sent from within the EU, so VAT is not an issue. I am asking for 600€ for all of it. Please message me if intrerested.


Fyi, pimax 5k+ sell for around €300 on ebay, on ebay buyers get 6 months warranty/returns, i think you are going to struggle to get €600 for one whilst not offering any kind of warranty.

I also was able to offer coupons to any potential buyer and no one wanted to buy my backer 5k+.

Used pimax’s are basically worth the same as a novelty paperweight.

I sold my 8K for 750 euros. All you need is one buyer. And I think 300 is strangely low priced


I added a whole bunch of bid for 5k+'s on my watch list and thats what they were going for. The ones with starting bids over €350 ended with 0 bids.

If you managed to get €750 recently then good luck to you but i bet that buyer is kicking themselves now, particularly as they are cheaper direct from pimax.

As a comparison, in Australia every Pimax 5k+ that has been listed on eBay has sold and these have sold for between A$599 - A$930 which by today’s currency conversions is €365 - €567. Interestingly the higher priced sales are the more recent sales.

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