Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)

This topic is for people interested in selling a pledge for an 8K(X) and/or its accesssories.

If you would like to SELL something, post what you are interested in and the quantity you would like to sell. If you have arranged a purchase or trade, please edit your post to reflect that change. If you need tips, check out How to sell a KS pledge safely?

If you would like to BUY something, please DON’T post in this topic. Instead, PM the seller about their post.

  1. Under their post, click “Show More”
  2. Click the “Flag” button
  3. Choose “I want to talk to this person directly and privately about their post.” and tell them you are interested.
  4. Note that I am new-ish/plebeian, so if you know a better way to PM just use it instead.

I have made some example posts to show what will be acceptable (non-exclusive). I am not demanding that you follow this exact form, just make sure that you are keeping your requests clear, concise, and up-to-date. As long as you list what you are offering in the post it should be acceptable.

Edit: My main interest is to keep this topic streamlined. Please respect that when posting or I may be forced to do the unspeakable (politely asking you to remove your post in a PM :slight_smile: ).

Edit: I am not an admin, so I am relying on your support to keep things orderly.

Edit: At the request of @Sjef and @Heliosurge I have changed the name of the topic. If you have a suggestion for a better name, feel free to PM it to me.

Edit: If you are listing a price, please include the currency. ie…

  • USD is US Dollars
  • AUD is Australian Dollars
  • DON’T just put $ or you might cause some misunderstandings

Edit: Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, leave your flaming elsewhere.

Edit: Please don’t discuss SweViver/sjefdeklerk in this thread. That isn’t what it is for.

Disclaimer: This thread is not officially supported by Pimax. I am not a moderator or some sort of authority figure. The rules for this topic should be taken as suggestions. You are free to post your own offer somewhere else if you don’t wan’t to stick to the general guidelines for this thread. Pimax and I are not responsible for the success or failure of any trade you participate in.

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One 8K Headset
Two Controllers
Two Base Stations

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1x 8K Headset
1x 10 meter cable

All out of stuff :frowning:

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2x 8K Headset

1x 8K Headset

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I see no point for this thread to exist. Pledging money on Kickstarter for an item does not guarantee that you will receive it within the time frame anticipated by the company. If people are now regretting their pledge and want out, they’ll either have to wait until the headset actually ships or make a deal with someone on the side. We certainly don’t need an “official” garage sale thread (or two), complete with “examples” adding to the clutter already filling the forum.

Maybe that is what you wish,but is not true at all. People do not have to wait. Many have sold/transferred the pledge already. Myself included. They do not have wait or work on the side. We have used this forum successfully, this thread WAS a good idea but again the flame wars enthusiasts strike again and ruined it. If ANYONE didnt like the idea of this thread… why come in and clutter it with your rejection? You could have just ignored it.

This is the absolute worst product forum in terms of negative childish crap I have ever seen.
At this point I would ask moderators to remove all the junk posts and get back to the OP purpose for the thread with a request to keep it on topic. If they want to discuss why they dislike selling pledges… perhaps they can start their own thread/topic


I agree with you there. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I started the poll to see if the community actually wanted this. Excluding the people who voted “don’t care”, about 2/3 people were in favor. I intend to keep the thread open as long as the community is in favor and there are no objections from Pimax.

Hey, @Heliosurge @deletedpimaxrep1 would you mind providing some feedback? If Pimax is opposed to the ideas presented in this thread or its sister thread I will go ahead and close it. If not, would you mind cleaning up the comments a bit?

I agree that there is no reason for anyone here to be rude to one another. From looking at the posting history of everyone that has commented so far, it appears that no one here is a legitimate griefer. I know the forums have been a bit toxic lately but I think that everyone here is capable of civil conversation.

Just try not to feed the trolls too much :v:

Hey guys, been watching this forum for a while and been thinking to sell my pledge as i rarely use any of my vr headsets anymore plus the fact that i kinda lost the hope and the interest in Pimax releasing something this year.

Either way, long short story, i am selling it. Anyone interested please PM and we’ll discuss further there.

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That might be a good idea. @Davebobman would you consider the Topic name change as @Sjef has reccommended?

Ball park as Atm we are just about At the start of July. And I said likely before Sept so really that’s less than 3. Lol


Personally I would only sell my physical headset (boxed arrived safely at my home) on a certain popular website that has protected buyer/seller status Inc confirmed addresses.

Once the Pimax 8K product launches, if it gets rave reviews and sells out, then is the time to sell your HMD for 50% inflated price and make a quick buck.

We do this in the car industry: Pre order limited edition vehicles and sell them photographed with the key for twice the price knowing there’s a two year waiting list. People always buy them up. People with money or actually other investors. Case in point when the Porsche Cayman was released 2nd hand used vehicles were selling for more than list price. The same happened with the Porsche Boxter model years beforehand.

I think anyone selling their genuine Kickstarter Pimax 8K pledge now is too premature an act- at this point in time. Wait to see the reception it gets. It looks like it will be ’ the best’ of 2018 for sure and a great gift this Winter time = $$$ when you come to sell at launch.


This is especially good advice for people with a low backer number, who would be selling MONTHS before the headset is available at retail.

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Please dont give them any ideas… :expressionless:

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Just put my backer spot up for sale. Early backer number #594. Auction is for 8K headset, 1 X V2 base station + stretch goals. Total pledge amount $634 USD Inc delivery. Auction is in local currency (NZD) Selling as circumstances have changed and I have other priorities

Private message me through the forum to make an offer

The listing is on my local trading website. If you live outside New Zealand and are interested please send me a private message. I am in no rush to sell so serious bidders only please

Auction listing in the link below

I have Samsung Odyssey for sale in the uk if anyone interested

Selling my Pimax 8K Headset Only pledge, backer #3862 with US shipping. Looking to get $700.

First 8K Full Package Ever
8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller*2 + Base Stations *2

Selling for 900$ (that is 51 USD more than what I pledged, but I paid 47USD extra for shipping).

Backer Number 3148.

First 8K Full Package Ever
8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller*2 + Base Stations *2

Original price $799. I have one of the last backer spots so I will sell my pledge without markup, so $799. This implies you’d still get the device before it’s up for sale. I will just sell my kickstarter account, not the actual device.

Payment can be in cryptocoins like bitcoin, international banking wire or paypal. PM if interested.

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I do hope you are still involved with forum …I actually liked your insight …


Yeah I figured he’d be a lifer on getting it. But know like @Davobkk when the time comes he’ll have one.