Seated + Standing (room scale) - 3 x lighthouse/basestation setup?

I’m currently using my Vive either seated in front of the PC where I have a single basestation mounted or standing (room scale) in an adjacent room (I’m using 5m HDMI + USB extension cables), where I have two basestations mounted.

This setup was set up by just performing the SteamVR room setup twice (once as seated and once as standing/room scale) and wherever I want to play I just power on either the single basestation (channel A) or the pair (channel B +C) and it just works.

Seeing that with the Pimax 5K+/8K You need to use their own room setup (but also SteamVR’s too as far as I understand?) in PiTool, I’m wondering if this will work the same or if I have to redo the room setup every time I switch between standing or seated gaming?

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Dont see why you should have to redo room setup.


As long as the room setup in PiTool works like it does in SteamVR I’m good as that remembers both setups.

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