Search-feature added in Beta v0.28 - How does it work with many (200+) games installed?

Hey guys!
Please help me out and test how the new Search-feature in v0.28 works on systems with hundreds of installed (and imported) VR games.

Thanks a lot, really appreciate all your efforts and feedback :slight_smile:


Works well for me. No problems


No problems so far! (300+ games)


Is there any delay/lag between the moments of typing letters and when the listing is filtered?


I missed ver27, but this is great! I love that starting the controllers doesn’t start SteamVR anymore!
Also loving the new skymaps, still wishing I could add my own. There is a method to adding Google Street Views into skymaps, I’d love to see what you could do with it!!! (edit: on second thought, it’s a bit of a pia and you have much better things to do!!)

296 games, no lag. I do get a half second freeze when clicking the ‘X’ button to clear the search window.
I find the search feature to be extremely responsive and a real GEM!! Thank you!!!

Being picky: I had the center panel on ‘Settings’. When I clicked ‘Search’ and started typing, the center panel still displayed the ‘Settings’. I would think that when I clicked the ‘Search’ button, the center panel should have changed to the last game window? Just a thought. The search results were there when I manually switched the window so I don’t really care, lol.

Loving your work, keep it up!!!


Only few games but for me working fine


oh I have hundreds of VR titles , i will try it tonight an let you know


Just a note: They will have to be installed at the same time… :wink:

I have 279 in SteamVR’s VR category, but only 120 installed (and no problems with the search function).

Suggestion: @SweViver Could You add an icon (or small text) in the right lower corner (or a small banner in the bottom?) of each thumbnail indicating if it’s SteamVR/Oculus/ReVive/VivePort if it doesn’t complicate stuff too much or create too much overhead?


dont worry i got it covered, not even including my library and oculus.

@sweviver i notice that viveport for some reason is including steamVR games now. is your code smart enough not to include them, because you might get doubles?


(EDIT) @DrWilken don’t analyze my games list too deeply. lol that copy of GalGunVR is just for demonstration purposes …no more…/ don’t judge me! :laughing:


Sure… “For science”… :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m new to the beta, but I have a question:

Do you have to start the apps from the within PE? Is there some advantage to starting the app within PE?

Sorry for the dumb Question. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the idea.

One of the biggest advantages is that game profiles are applied before starting a game and that You don’t need to remove the headset when switching between games.

Think of it as an “in headset PiTool with extras”… :slightly_smiling_face:


Here I am, 560 games and it works great, just a two second lag clicking on the X or manual deleting the last character in the search box, that reloads the whole library, but it’s not annoying at all


Sounds great! I will look into the possibility to use custom skymaps. I actually think I know how to implement that, by simply create a folder for custom skyboxes, and these will be selectable (if any exists) in the UI upon startup .

Awesome! Yeah, upon clearing the input field, it loads all objects again, which requires Unity to instantiate hundreds of new buttons, and that takes some CPU power I guess…

Hmm the problem though is, which category should it view again? Last browsed or simply the first one at the top? I could implement that for sure, thats a nice idea indeed!

Although, I will also add so the search function works for the list-view of profiles.

Thanks man!

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Nice! Hmm, thats not a bad idea, but Im just a little worried to add copyrighted icons to the UI. I added SteamVR icon as we cooperate with Valve, so that should be fine… but what is Oculus/HTC gonna say if we use their icon in our exclusive Pimax UI? :frowning: Im worried this could give us problems sooner or later…

Yes I know, but the Viveport manifest file does not include the Steam games, so no worries, these are not included in the Viveport library inside PE.

As @DrWilken said, you can automatically have profiles applied (Pimax settings) upon starting from PE, including SteamVR optimization setting profiles. Soon, the profiles will be cloud-based and that brings us more possibilities for automatic profiles etc. Furthermore, Im working on a command line argument-feature, so you can automatically add/edit and load arguments upon starting games. Each game will have its own argument profile - not only for startup but also a possibility to run a batch file upon startup, that executes things before/during/after game start.

Lovely news, thanks a lot man! Yeah the X reloads the library (or at least current category), so with 500+ games it might take a moment to instantiate so many new buttons. Its Unity, after all… :slight_smile:

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Maybe go with a transparent text overlay in the bottom of each thumbnail then or a banner if transparency is an issue? :upside_down_face:

Adding images/layers with transparency or not is not the issue. Thats very simple and UI can handle that.
My worries is that logos are copyrighted by the vendor.
Yes a small text with background will be more safe, I will see how I can do it, so it still looks nice.

Either way i will research if logos are prohibited to use or not.


Got it… :+1:

Yeah, logos would definitely look the best… :wink:


I have no doubt that, sooner or later, Oculus will come for Pimax. Pimax will be given a choice of providing all customer data to Facebook or get sued. We don’t need to give them ammunition.

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The fact that we are using an optional similar-to-Oculus font (not identical though) already makes me worried haha…

Ahhh, the times we live in! :nauseated_face:

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