scriptedIllustrator - Ridiculously Powerful Spreadsheet and Word Processor Replacement - Self Modifying Shell Script as Dynamic Document

Trick is, this HTML file is actually a bash shell script too. It can run itself, rewrite itself, call any command, including launching virtual machines and such, embed command output in itself, to be posted and rerun again, and again. Framework can be compatible with non-HTML syntax like MediaWiki. And the built-in functions include pristine PDF conversion respecting page breaks. Compatible with GNU/Linux as well as MSW/Cygwin .

How is this relevant to VR? See the ‘solve (equation, var)’ function in blue and output? That is the real deal - equation solving as a bash function mapped to both GNU Octave and Qalculate backends.

So now instead of ugly spreadsheets that are hard to understand, some server in the cloud will generate beautiful PDF checklists from an open-source repository. Obviously Pimax Experience provides, a better experience, but for developers of VR apps, for people who write Pimax Experience profiles, users of other headsets, users with third party applications to start (eg. Discord, SRS Radio), and especially newbies, this will help generate some nice documentation.

In case you are wondering about the safety of running shell scripts from random sources, that is basically what you do every time you install NVIDIA drivers, compile from makefiles (which often include that dreaded ‘rm’ in large quantity), etc. If possible, and especially if in doubt, run in a VM, or in the cloud. Also, replace the ‘current_internal_CompressedFunctions’ entirely with the latest version from GitHub anytime.


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