Scratched lenses and particles on screen

Ever since my headset has arrived, (Sometime in May i believe) there have been some major issues. The first is how easily the lenses scratch. I now have scratches on both sides of the lenses, and one is right in the center of the right lens, so everything looks blurry out of that lens. There are somehow scratches on the inside of the lenses too, which i believe is caused by the second issue I have had. There is stuff between the lenses and the screen. Every since about mid June, there has been a hair on the inside of my left lens, that is in focus, and in the very center of my left eye. On my right lens, there are about 3 pieces of something just off center from the eye. I believe that all this dust on the screen has caused the scratches inside, because I seriously have no idea what else would. I have no idea what to do in this situation. But because of all this, everything is blurry. This is compounded by my less than good eyesight, If everything is blurry, what is the point of 5K. It is infuriating to try and play with the headset because I can only see clearly out of 1 eye. I am not sure if I could get refund after this much time, but if not, I just wasted $700.

Edit: I have tried canned air to get the particles out, but all it did was blow the particles around on the inside of the lenses.


Have you submitted a ticket with support? If so post ticket number & @Matthew.Xu can look into it.

Sorry to hear issues with your 5k+? Hopefully they can get this resolved quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please create a ticket to the customer service system, the team will help you enter the RMA process.

Thank you.

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