Samsung Wide FOV HMD

Samsung plans HMD with curved display and wide fov


They take advantage of their curved panel technology. It is enough to look at the drawing, to see that they refer to 180Âş of horizontal FOV.


They have planed an eye tracking module and a vibrator… Maybe for the girls? :rofl::crazy_face:

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I wonder if they have Oculus permission as they patented the use of curved disolays in vr. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Stretch goals my friend. :laughing:


I wonder if we have the permission of the man who invented the wheel, or the man who invented the fire to use their invention. This patent war is sometimes so stupid.



20 stretched characters

Good news for us in any case…let’s hope this thing gets marketed soon…


This is the patent of the new 180Âş VR/AR Samsung headset.


Scented? :joy: (20char)


…And a focus adjustment (adjustable optics) module.

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Ah, at least we’ve finally got someone drawing these sort of sketches, who has the sense to have the screen(s) wrap around each eye, in front of the nose, rather than plotting a single arc around the head for both – a long standing bugbear of mine (unless we were to talk lightfield displays - that would change matters). :stuck_out_tongue:

Note the varying distance between the (curved to allow for the FOV) lenses and the viewplane, which should counter field curvature.

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Yes this is coming!
Pimax should do some curved hmd patent soon or will stay out

Vertical fov doesn’t looks very high though


How is this patentable?


Believe it when I can purchase it

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Well, use of curved display in VR headset. I bet the patent has granted to some company already though.

BTW, I came up with that idea many months ago

And more about the patent @Heliosurge

Forget about me saying about 4 displays and StarVR…

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If only some TV/Monitor manufacturer had the foresight to patent a flat display for use in TV’s or monitor’s. Seems to be along the same lines. Ridiculous.

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Well according to Helio, Oculus patented the curved display in VR… so ridicule me.

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It’s all apple’s fault for patenting the shape of a phone.

I wonder what issues will crop up with curving screens. The current GPU graphic pipeline is designed around flat viewports (which map to flat screens). Pimax had significant difficulties with (only) angled flat screens. I imagine curved screen distortion will be tricky to correct.