SadlyItsBradley Crystal Impressions V2 CES

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This whole lens/focus issue is very confusing…

Tell me about it :slight_smile: I think the only way to be sure is wait for multiple reviews on the final production units


Yes, but maybe is as Kevin said that an old batch got to the CES.

Fortunately, thanks to the interchangeable lens system, if a unit is sent with bad ones it has a quickly solution :slight_smile:

For example a lot of Pico 4 has a distorsion problem in the center of the lens, and the only solution is to send the whole headset to RMA. If this happen with the Crystal, they only need to send you a new pair of lenses and solved


They drag him back, He sees the same optics issue. They give him the older lens set got sent to CES by mistaken reason “He guesses”.

Pimax quickly rushes to grab another set asap for a quick comparison to wisely try and see where the issue might reside–oh wait that didn’t happen.

Given that and next vdeo I don’t think they should have bothered. Net gain imo.

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After seeing this image posted from the Florida Roadshow.

I PM’d Kevin and asked how they identify each lens because I could imagine how easy it would be to mix them up. I didn’t get any reply.

I wonder if @hammerhead_gal or @PimaxQuorra can give us a photo of some id markings if there are any.


I would suggest markings like AR/AL and BR/BL.

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a bit weird that they say an uncalibrated lense made its way back,how such a mistake out of 3 headsets that you had to make sure they are working?what will happen to the thousands of customers?luck of the draw?i hope i wont have to return it for half a year back and forth

I guess a benefit of the interchangeable lenses is they can just send you new lenses instead, but the proper course is not having the issue in the first place of course.

HI :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

#Bradley (6.00 mins of this video) as many people looked fun playing the Crystal and didn’t see any issues.
Why bradley at the show didn’t tell #sweviver:
-Your Crytal headset has a problem?
I wouldn’t mind, why does Bradley explain the so-called problem only on a youtube video?

at the roadshow in paris as i arrived early i was able to play with sweviver thanks to his kindness 1 hour non stop with him.

If the crystal would have had the slightest problem I would have told him immediately

aplushhsss :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:


I understood that he did just that and was met with incredulity by Pimax staff (which I can absolutely understand, given that in all likelihood no staff member would have expected the 'bad lenses’tm to be shipped to CES).


HI :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

I also have a lot of trouble understanding the problems that #bradley sees?

at the raodshow in paris the crystal didn’t have the new lens spacers and despite my glasses I had no problem that he explains, even the problems of #sebastian from #Mrtv I didn’t see them??
I don’t think I’m a VR alien??

In paris we played with sweviver / josh on:

-aerofly S2
-Asseto corsa


in France we say of a person who always has problems that others never have:

un emmerdeur !/ someone annoying

aplushhssss :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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well pimax said the headset bradley tried dint had “spacers” it was the old lenses

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What makes you think that he didn’t? In fact he mentioned Kevin talking to him about it, so seems like he did.

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Did you use it with glasses or without?

Do you suffer from myopia (which the defective assembly would have inadvertedly compensated for)?

Does the relation between the shape of your forehead and the x/y/z position of your pupils deviate from the mean?

And so on. There is a myriad of possible factors why you might have not noticed this, and there are many Pimax users that have no issues with the optical train of even previous Pimx products.

Alas, I’m not one of them and found the best description wrt Pimax HMDs was coined by @mixedrealityTV and now re-iterated by Bradley in that it feels like ‘wearing someone else’s glasses’.

Overall I consider this issue to be solved regardless, it’s just super annoying that a handling error caused this defect to be shown at CES 23.

HI :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

why is it only he who sees problems ??

yet i’m a maniac in quality in vr to be able to fly a plane in dcs world

Aplushhss :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Yes, they did. They were just doing it temporarily by using magnets, this started from the Rotterdam roadshow onwards with the US roadshow getting (apparently) lenses built with this change in mind. The version you saw did not have this issue.


he is not the only one,he actually said there was no problem first roadshow now he had the issue

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well they should send some of them extra magnets spacers in the package just in case

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Did you watch his video? He comments several people saw those issue’s. Als you can find reports on them from several people.

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