RUMOR: Apple AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye

Article from Road To VR:

According to a report by CNET, citing an anonymous “person familiar with Apple’s plans,” the company is working on an AR/VR headset targeting 8K resolution per-eye, scheduled for launch in 2020.

The device, purportedly codenamed T288, is said to be targeting 8K resolution per-eye, and be powered by a dedicated host device with a custom Apple chip, and would transmit information wirelessly to the headset over a 60GHz connection. The report also indicates inside-out tracking for the headset rather than external trackers.

From UploadVR.

Another Spanish article, in Xataka.

Original Source in CNet.


This would actually make a lot of sense. Apple usually only releases tech when it’s mature enough for main stream adaptation, which 8k per eye certainly would be. BOE is working on their new factory which should be ready 2020 and they’ll be making those 8k panels. The only unsure factor would be foveated rendering, we haven’t really seen any good working real life implementation there yet, while such a headset would definitely need it.

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I know apples custom chips are getting pretty good, but even in 2020 they won’t have anything powewrful enough to make dual 8k VR look good. If you can take this headset and hook it up to a PC then it might be useful


If there is going to be a lot of extra parts to this thing maybe something new to break up and share the work load something to split 2 screens in to 8 say ,independently .not sure i would like to know how heavy 8x tpcasts strapped to your head would be.

next should be a contact lens screen ,live streaming ,powered by human static :fearful: wear will it end ,how far can we really go :astonished:

60Ghz wireless connection ??? Are they kinda insane ?? That is like having a microwave oven right in contact with your head , my gosh… xD

The lastest Wi-Fi are already way over the phisical safety range, we have to be careful on the type of technology we’re going to accept , starting here dudes…as even the upcoming 5G is already proven to be very deadly on health, as many researchers have expressed their concern about.


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Sounds promising - and I hope this will serve as a kick in the buttocks of the competition to release some serious next gen kit in the coming 18 months.

The one concern I do have with an Apple best-in-class product is, that it typically will be incompatible with Windows, Steam etc. and would be iOS or MacOS based. That would mean you cannot enjoy your wealth of software on it, and it would really suck if I finally had a great 8k per eye device with all the tricks to make it perform well, but cannot use it for e.g. Elite. And then have to go back to my Pimax 8K with 4K and not so many goodies (sorry Pimax…). But okay, till 2020 even Oculus may have released their CV2. And we can exoect that they will do a good job - as long as they do not focus too much on the entry-level market and sacrifice performance for price.

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I sense Palmer Lucky here…Most of us remember this tweet

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Should be ok if we start with 1min at a time ,it takes 70 sec to hot a coffee in the microwave lol

Actually I do think Lucky was talking about the upcoming 40 megapixel wide FoV Google+LG headset. They supposedly are going to show a working prototype next month at the “Display week trade show”, really exciting stuff. If they really have a working prototype already, we might actually be able to buy one next year. Who knows, they even might be earlier than Pimax with their release.

Man, now the real big boys (Google + Apple) are joining the game with ultra high res VR headsets … Pimax should HURRY UP!!!

Yes, he was talking about the one in the works at Google+LG , it is supposed to be announced in May or June, but I heard it was 15 megapixel (40 would be way too much for current GPU’s) with a new wide FOV Micro OLED display.

This is not Apple’s M.O. They usually make a shiny product with half the horsepower of the competition- at double the price.


This is the source of the info, the symposium agenda: Display Week 2023 Symposium Program where it says “An 18-Megapixel 4.3-in. 1,443-ppi 120-Hz OLED Display for Wide Field-of-View High-Acuity Head-Mounted Displays”

So, as the media suggested, since it’s wide FoV it almost HAS to feature two of these panels, so that would be around 36 megapixels in total. Of course this will only make sense with foveated rendering and we know Google has been actively working on that too:

By the time they actually launch the 8K Im guessing Pimax have a 6 month - 1 year window of opportunity. Thats it


I do not know what all the fuss is about.

It’s 2 years away

and then when the time comes …

what price will the Apple viewer have compared to our Pimax?

and imagining the price, how many of here are willing or able to disburse such amount?

let’s be realistic, if they meet expectations Pimax can be a viewer for several years even when everyone else pulls out the new viewer.

This is a fish
is today 1 April ?
2 x 8K with arm chip
Wow and now they have nothing
OPS they have VIVE

Sure, 2 years away, but it’s 4x the Pimax 8k resolution AND it runs that natively (not crappy 1440p like Pimax). Most likely it’s OLED and runs at 120 hz, just like the Google HMD. Besides that, Apple usually gets thing right. Pimax usually gets things not so right (at least that was the case with the 4k). So I think this is actually quite exciting news. In 2 years crappy HMD’s will be a thing of the past.

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Apple is experimenting with micro-LED.

With those specs, It’ll only cost…

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Pimax will be releasing the native 8KX after the 8K ships. The main reason that the 8KX isn’t the primary version is that you’ll need a seriously expensive GPU to actually drive it. After the backers get their 8KX, Pimax can release it to consumers anytime it makes sense to do so. In a few years (hopefully) there will be relatively cheap GPUs that can support it.