REZ INFINITE! on 8kX= Great!

So I was searching for unique experiences for and came across the tittle called “Rez Infinite”. It sounded familiar, when I realized it originally was a Sega Dreamcast game which was later was ported to the PS2, Xbox, PS4 and PSVR.

Due to the requirement of parallel projection I couldn’t use it with the StarVR one. So I tried it with the 8KX, and damn! These are the type of experiences that benefit of a wide FOV. Because the objects fly to the periphery while others on the center view it makes you feel surrounded

Visually is very simple but the 3d depth is very pronounced. I set the 3D depth to the max also.

If you tried the tittle on small FOV, try it on “large” with the 8KX. I am rendering on the headset at 1.5 and 300%ss on steam and is silky smooth at 75hz.

Steam: Rez Infinite on Steam


I mentioned this game already quite a few months ago when i finally got my 8KX. Nice to see that you have the same great experience with it. The wireframe graphics really show what a razor-sharp image the 8KX is capable of.

Too bad the devs havent ported the sequel “Child of Eden” to VR yet. That one would be even more mind-blowing !

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I am not aware of that title. I should give it a look. There is an interesting history about this game. Very interesting