[Reviewed]Tracking number and Headset arrived on the same day .. today!

Just wanted to share this hilarious moment. I looked up my email and found the Pimax tracking nr.
Crawled through the carrier info, just to find out that the package was already waiting for me just downstairs in the flowershop. WELL! at least that saves me from living the “refresh-game”.

open up little one…!

I’m backer 3672 from Berlin Germany and i received the 5K+



That seems to be standard !

What type did you choose, what was your backer number and what did the spreadsheet say about your delivery expectation?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Right, lol ok sorry there

Until Backer 4986 is the status “On the way from SH to oversea warehouse”

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Congratulation on you!


what’s going on with the shipment ? I’m back 1343 and didn’t even received tracking info, but I see people with backer numbers 4500+ receiving their headsets in the same country

Edit 1: never mind, I got the tracking number this morning :slight_smile:

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Show us new spreadsheet please.

Why do you write such comment here?

For you to come out and say that kind of thing now would just be pouring oil on the fire.

Many buckers have not gotten their plage yet,like me because of Monkey survey.

Where is this spreadsheet ? Can we see it ?

Allocen you need to calm down mate. Your posts are not helpful. It is obvious a major shipment was sent to Germany recently hence why so many Germans now have delivered headsets. This has nothing to do with racism or preference just how the shipping is manifesting itself.


You never fail to amaze me in a hillarious way.
Greetings from Germany.


I’m UK based, #2392. Not really fussed if the Germans are getting their headsets first, they can have the ones with the problems, ~I’ll wait for a good one :):rofl::joy::rofl::joy:



HI, We are working on updating new spreadsheet by checking original survey database.


But otherwise you are still fine?


Pimax sends the bigger shipment to UK. From there the parcels go to Germany. DPD handles it very transparent and nice with live tracking and everything. Packaging was in perfect shape. I can’t complain.
I’m sorry for everyone who hasn’t received his or hers yet and feels treated kinda unfair. But i’m certain from now on headsets get produced and delivered faster.
From survey to delivery i waited 5 weeks. I was very fast with the survey decision and didn’t change anything afterwards.



You need to post this as an announcement and pin it so people can feel a little reassured. Please.



Hi, do you know when we will get new spreadsheet?
we have been waiting since yesterday…

Thank you for yor reply.
But what I really want to see is the new spreadsheet.

How long do you take to release that? On the last one, I was made that not reply any survey, even I answered many times in last Dec. and this Jan. And my plage was put on later. I have not received 8k HMD yet.

New exact spreadsheet can only solve this chaotic situation. I and other buckers can check their own situation by themself.

But maybe you need to send another survey by the result of new sheet. But that is necessary. I hope do your best if you want to do big business in the world, not only in the red curtain.

Thats what I’ve been saying since yesterday, don’t flood the support team atleast not before the updated list. :confounded: