[Reviewed]Connecting vive audio strap to pimax 8k

In Korea, one user is distributing adapters free of charge, so many users connect the vive audio strap to pimax.


where can we order these?

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You can get the drawing from here(https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=pimax&dwh=955c20ccbfa50af) and you have to do 3d printing.


Thank you park for the information.


Good work to the creator.
Also a little tip.
You can move that cable clip on the das to the correct side for the pimax headset.
Undo the screws with a very small torx star key & swap it to the other side.
Then Peel the 2 small sticky velcro strips & swap to the side the cable clip was on


Thank you for posting!
Does anybody with 3D printing experience recommend a source for printing these? I’ve never tried getting something custom printed before. Would need it shipped to the US. Hep?

Also interesting for printing:

Got mine today, will try those parts in a few days and can share my impressions.

BTW: how to remove the face cover, to remove the lashes and replace them with printed adapters? SOLVED: Pull VERY hard!


Hold the face cover and pull out. You have to use some power. But don’t worry.

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I will try harder then…:wink: Thanks!

Awesome i hope there will be more good ideas in the future, have a 3d printer too…

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yea the vive deluxe audio strap is an amazing combo with the pimax headsets

.Great comfort and easy to put the pimax off and on!

Works like a charm!


I printed one myself too :slight_smile:


@nargorn what plastic did you print in?
I did abs to make sure it was strong but might enlarge the side clips by 1 or 2 % to get a tighter fit on the das swivel clips.
Its fine as is but if I grab it by the side of the das, it has popped off a couple times

Hi, did not print it myself. It was „petg“. But i don’t know nothing about the materials. One of the short clips broke, because i applied too much pressure, but if done right, it shouldn’t…

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Little bit off-topic, but how is the audio quality in those vive headphones?
Im considering of buying a second hand vive kit mainly because of the controllers+lighthouses (and to have something to compare the Pimax to)
So should I try to look for a bundle with DAS or is the audio quality crappy? Better go with original Pimax strap and separate headphones?

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I would say the audio quality on the das headphones are very good.
I have an expensive set of astro a40’s which are obviously better but I do not use them for VR as I would say the das ones are good enough & the convenience of having them on the headstrap to just flip up & down, easily outweighs having to use a seperate bulky set.
I’m not an audiophile though so others might disagree.



tks for your sharing, we will also look into this.

Which parts from this are needed to attach just the side strap with the hinges (i assume the last two parts in the slideshow? they somehow snap together?

Would PLA plastic be sufficient?

I use this one:

PLA is fine with this model.

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