[Reviewd]Positive first Feedback 5k plus

backer 646. I just received my 5k plus this morning.

very well built, much better than I expected.
no lightbleed, no stuck pixels (not searching for them). no hardware issue at all so far. Sticker says P2C on my device.

yes the grey dots are visible in lines but dont really bother me in simracing.
fov is huge even in 150degree normal mode. framerates are bad still the impression is fluid none the less…

only issue so far… I am in VR since 4 years and I get no motionsickness at all in other headsets (had all of them) now I do feel my stomach in the 5k plus… ipd or fov related I think.

please add me to the early backer group and hats off to pimax! thank you!



Tks for your review of Pimax 5K Plus.

Maybe you need to get used to a wide FOV headset and make sure you have adjusted to a proper IPD.


Thank you for the short review. I’m interested in simracing only, so with which sims have you tested the Pimax with? I’m mostly with Raceroom, AC and iRacing, so it would be great if you could share some impressions in that. I noticed with my DK2 that I still use until my 5K+ will arrive, that everything above 60 FPS seems fluid, going under 60 FPS I notice stuttering and the imnersion fades… by the way, could you share your PC specs? Thank you!

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What are your PC specs.

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Could only test iracing so far. Its awesome! 75fps pitool 1.0, steam ss 66% and high settings ingame. Its totally drivable. Could never live with 75fps on the rift but I do just fine on the 5k plus. Still improving settings.

6700k 4.2ghz, 1080ti 2050mhz, m2.0 ssd

Motionsickness is already gone just needed to concentrate on the driving :wink:


You definitely need to get used to the fov, I had some motion sickness too at the beginning but it went away after using it just a few times.


Found one dead pixel but I have to really look for it. it‘s on the right screen and in the „nose“ part where both displays are visible (helps to hide it).

iRacing is just perfect. I don‘t use the large fov because the tiny bit that still stays black in normal fov is a mess in large. bad distortion, not just blurry but really kind of squished. imo you gain nothing but a distraction with large fov. zero distortion in normal fov.

AC is fine but I had to adjust exposure ingame to 60% and I can‘t get it to look anywhere near as good as on the rift (resolution and fov aside).

rFactor2 is just not optimized enough to get a decent framerate at the moment.

in general I think everthing is a bit bigger in scale than on rift and vive.

blacklevel is… well its grey and not the darkest grey either. but no issue at all in simracing but I won‘t be that happy in elite I guess.

but the 5k plus rocks! I would buy it instantly again for iRacing alone!


That’s great to hear/read! Will hopefully enjoy it also a lot in Raceroom, my sim of choice!!! Will have to upgrade my system though… i7 4790k, 16GB DDR3 2400 RAM and a 1080…!..and as live always plays it’s part, upgrading to a RTX 2080TI also ‚forces‘ me to upgrade to an i7 8700K to not bottleneck the GPU! I saw benchmarks that my 4790K bottlenecks the RTX 2080TI by nearly 20% of FPS… so, new CPU means new mainboard, new RAM… but selling the old components, getting some money for them, isn’t that big deal overall. Oh, by the way, I don’t think my PSU with 550W/80+ will rock it, there will be a a substitution too… but hey, I’m sure it’ll be worth it…simracing is a hobby and no one told me it’s gonna be cheap!..:sweat_smile:

Edit: …having a rSeat RS1, a Full Fanatec Clubsport Series and a custom rim for about 1.000 Euro, I shouldn’t whine about this upgrade…:yum:

my problem with assetto is solved. I did not deactivate paralell projection in pitool. now its fine. awsome performance even with lots of steam supersampling!


Just wanted to confirm for you: yes, that power supply is inadequate for the system that you talk about building.
You might want to make sure that you have a will made up before you get that upgrade: sounds like you might not come out of your next sim… :rofl:

ps: You’re not going to re-use any of your existing system on your upgrade: keep the old system as a second computer for yourself if you can afford it. This would allow you to offload things like voice chat, Discord, or looking things up on the internet to your second computer while you race on your main system. -you might be tempted to re-use your case: rethink that. The 2080 is huge!

it gets even better… Assetto corsa has zero distortions in Large FOV and still runs great.
so the distortions are only present with paralell projection and Large FOV, my oh my… if I find a sharpening filter/tool for Assetto I wont leave my rig anymore…

so there are graphical distortions with PP and there are optical distortions possible - I have ZERO optical distortions (other than some bluriness of course) with my face cushion but if I push the headset nearer to my face I can see what people are talking about. I then see a vertical band on both eyes where the lenses are going into the flat side part of them. In normal usage, again, I have zero distortions. So if you see anything like this, you just have to find the right distance/face cushion size for you.


Isn’t it sharp enough on the 5?

I use the ingame sharpening tool in iRacing set at 175 so I am used to it. assetto looks great but I feel it could benefit from a similar sharpening filter.

are you talking about the new assetto corsa or the old one?

Talking about the original Assetto Corsa… I am still disappointed in Competizione and think the old one is way better (still).

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Do not believe that numbers! It is simply not generally true. It heavily depends on the resolution you are demanding the gpu to calculate and we all know, pimax needs a big one! So as far as you are not going to play in cpu bound resolutions, you will gain almost none additional fps when upgrading the cpu.

I do have still married a 3770k (@4.6GHz) with a 1080ti in my simrig and i do get only a few more fps in my other rig with a 7700k and the same gpu.

But if you just needed a good excuse for your wife or yourself to upgrade :joy: go for it :+1:


well my dead pixel is no dead pixel. its a grain of dust. it moved downwards today.
I also can see some particles on the underside of the lenses but they don’t matter because your focus is much further away.

edit: its back :frowning: I have dust AND a dead pixel. sometimes if the hmd is not spot on I can hardly find it but if I am right in the sweetspot I see almost like a pinhole. ticket opened.


showed the 5k+ to two fellow simracers that are using the oculus rift :wink: evil me did force them to go back to the rift on my other PC right after they tried the 5k+…

both will buy a 5k+ as soon as possible… lol they even doubted they will ever race again in their rifts till the 5k+ arrives.