Review - One Month with the 5K+t

I was backer 25xx and received my 5K+ a little over a month ago.

Initial set up had me frustrated at first, but I quickly found out my USB ports on my PC must not output enough power. I ran the Pimax USB through my Vive breakout box and everything ran smoothly after that. I really wish my headset shipped with a breakout box. It was annoying to have to get behind my computer to unplug the headset from the graphics card (I put the headset away into a storage cupboard near my PC when not in use). I did eventually buy a 3ft display port extender to solve this issue. It was a minor inconvenience to have to do that but not a big deal. Had to do the same thing for my Samsung Odyssey in another room.

Once it was all set up and running, I was very impressed with the sharpness of the screen. Text was very clear and added a lot more to the experience. I do still notice SDE when looking at things in the far distance in certain games, but it is such a huge step up from what I had. It is great.

I was impressed with the large FOV. It’s one of those things where you have to go back and realize how small the FOV on other headsets are. I did notice outside edge distortion, but it does not bother me as its in my peripheral vision. The only way you really see it is if you crank your eyes all the way left or right. It’s a non issue in my opinion and certainly better than anything else currently on the market. The only real problem I have is that my IPD must be smaller than 60. If I could move the lenses just a tiny bit closer I think it would cause less strain on my eyes and be perfect. At first I felt a bit cross-eyed and was rather frustrated but I seem to have mostly gotten used to it - kind of like getting used to a new pair of glasses I guess. After a couple hours it gets to be a little much and I have to stop for a while to rest my eyes. Is there something they could do on the software side of things to maybe help with this? Would be interesting to know.

Performance wise it has been fine, especially with the brainwarp update. We play a lot of Rec Room, Beat Saber, Karnage Chronicles, Space Pirate Trainer, Serious Sam 1, 2, 3 VR, and more. They all run great and I’ve had no issues with performance.

I don’t quite understand how PiTool Super Sampling works, but I don’t think anyone does. It would be nice to know what to set Steam SS and Pitool SS at for optimal performance/visuals. Nothing I do seems to really make a difference. I currently run Steam at 100% and PiTool at 1.5. No idea if I’m doing it right but until it gets explained, its fine for now.

Overall, I really like this headset. My Vive is boxed up. Pimax has something very special and it will only get better as they improve the software and offer more extras like the upcoming headstrap, which will make it way more comfortable.

I am confident giving it an 8/10.

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Same problem, everything perfect for me expect this IPD, just some mm closer and the HMD would be perfect for me.

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Yup! My Vive & Odyssey are perfect at the absolute smallest setting (talk about lucking out). Pimax doesn’t go QUITE far enough. I bet I need like 1mm less than the limit. If I close one eye and shift the headset very slightly, it’s perfect. So I guess it’s definitely a lens thing and not a software thing which is too bad. I still really like it though even with some blurriness towards the middle thanks to my IPD.

I have a pretty normal looking face (lol in my opinion). My eyes don’t LOOK like they’re too close to my nose or anything, so it has been very interesting knowing my IPD is so low hahaha

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Interesting… Never thought of using the vive’s breakout box.


Yeah, the Vive breakout box worked like a charm. Someone on Reddit recommended it to me when I posted about the headset causing “USB Malfunction” errors. Solved the issue immediately.

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Thanks. Would be more compatible with some pictures.