[Resolved]Sent Pimax back via their pickup service. Pimax says they never received it

So, am I out of my pimax now?
I am getting a little nervous about this situation.
Received a mail that they will make a pickup service or me.
I accepted and a few days later the service came and picked it up.
That is two weeks ago and now i received a mail saying that
they didnt get a tracking and no confirmation from service.

WHY ME?? Sitting for 3 months on this issue and noone sends me my pimax back. :frowning:

@mozi @anon74848233

Edit: Case is solved. Pimax received my headset. Everything is cool <3


Their service, it should be there responsibility. Pimax owes you a HMD regardless if their carrier messed up.

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This is what i was afraid of with sending first the broken unit back(their new policy)

Pimax need to change their policy with :that they deliver a new one at your door and that you give directly your broken unit to the postman.

So 1 one 1

I agree with @Goblin_Slayer if pimax arranged the pickup service. Than once you handed the headset to said service; it should be considered received.

Don’t worry,we will take our responsibility.I will check the details and feedback you next Monday


waiting for it… <3


sorry,We have asked our logistic on the details but not get the results yesterday. I would keep tracking and feedback today.

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Alright, I am about to cry here. Today I got a mail saying:

"We have checked with the delivery vendor.

the feedback is “80028-A651- We were unable to collect your parcel/s as it was not ready when our driver arrived.”

If the pickup service has been done on your side, please help provide the any receipt of pickup as the proof in your hand.

I will check the delivery vendor again. tks in advance.

sorry for your inconvenience."

But i have given my package to the delivery guy. He did not give me any receipt or tracking and i thought that is fine. I am shaking right now. I feel like i got scammed by the delivery guy. I called DHL
International and they said they can not help me without any tracking info! :’( This is a horrible situation for me and i am shaking right now.

Pimax has to find out who the guy was that was standing in front of my door that day, because he took the pimax. I am not lying. I am 100% serious here!

Edit: I made calls to DHL and they said if Pimax planned a pickup, then Pimax has a tracking number. I need this tracking number to make them investigate, or Pimax needs to start an investigation with tracking number at DHL. Can you PLEASE help me. I am so worried! :’(

@anon74848233 @mozi


We will handle this till this issue been resolved properly, and don’t worry about this.

Mozi said he received your PM and following this already.He will reply you after receive feedback


What a mess! :weary::weary::weary::weary:
I hope everything gets resolved quickly.

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Why is @Mozi without profile picture or forum badge that says he’s an official Pimax employee?


And why has @anon74848233 changed his profile picture? Did he got promoted? More privileges? :grin::beers:

Hi Myrothas, we have asked them to provide more detail informations such as the driver’s name and the detail time, by the way could you think about the whole process again to see if there is any other evidence, such as a photo or registration information of entry and exit in your residential areas

Sadly i do not exactly remember the day, nor time. It was shortly after your email. Like 1-3 days later. It was so quick, that i did not even expect DHL to come. Once he rang, I had to quickly pack the Pimax into the original shipping box, it came with and gave it to him, because he seemed to be in a hurry. He was about to leave without my package, once he noticed i have to pack it. Then he just took it and left, did not provide me with a paper or something. I dont remember what day or time it was but it was like 2-3 weeks ago. It was a black male - is all I remember. I did not take any pictures and didnt note down the exakt day or time, because i did never expect DHL to fk it up so bad - but now i wish i had. :frowning: Thank you for trying to help me out, I promise i did not do anything wrong. I just gave it to him, expecting everything would be fine. I would never try to steal a pimax to get another one. All i hope for is that DHL can tell you who it was and what happened to it. Because this situation is really bad for me right now and i deeply regret, that i did not expect that kind of thing to happen. My girlfriend thinks it is stupid of me that i didnt want at least some kind of paper from him but i really did not expect anything bad to happen. I really hope this issue gets solved and that u will find out that I am not lying, because I am 100% true to my words.


Sounds like victim blaming, just sayin’


Was he wearing a DHL uniform? Did you see the DHL truck?

Do you have security cameras anywhere in your building or nearby? (storefront perhaps)?

Thanks Myrothas, We will try to find a solution with the logistic, but this need time, we fully understand your situations , so I will apply a new sample to lend you first , Sean will contact with you tomorrow


Thank you so much!!! This actually saves my day. I felt like not being able to think of anything else and been so sad about all this but you guys really try to fix my situation, I love you Pimax guys <3


It went very fast that day. I dont remember exctly but it seemed like he relly worked for a mail company. And no I didnt check for a car since i assumed everything is gonna be alright.

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Dear Customer:
Could you give me an email account So I can help you directly on this case?