[Resolved]5K+, Pitool installed, updated, SteamVR installed, grey/blue screen

Hello all,

Just received my headset, trying to configure it, so I did as in the manual.
Installed Pytool.
Connected USB and Display port.
Connected Headset.

Headset recognized on Pitool, but no room config yet.
My Headset is showing a never ending grey/light blue screen, I tried launching a video, nothing.

Am I missing something ?
What app, software should I be using to launch, videos, movies, games, if not for Steam VR ?

Seeking from support help or user’s help.
This is my first VR Headset so I might be doing something wrong.

EDIT : I am realizing, that when I launch SteamVR, the headset logo is green then after 5 seconds, it becomes grey (headset sleeping)

EDIT 2 : Looking at logs now, this error is printing a lot of times per seconds
“aapvr: fail to ReleaseSync with err:-2005270527”


Same here, grey screen.

[edit] Fixed: This is not exactly a fix, more a “by mistake” solution.
When I tried to use the HMD, I started the 2xLH 2xWands and Pimax. 1 LH was set to A and 1 LH to B.
LH + Wands did not worked.
I then turned off LH (B) after giving up, and tried to put back the head set… and then I saw Pimax logo on the screen :star_struck:. You can understand my relief. Even the wands displayed as tracked and all was ready to use.
I fired up “The Blue” as my first experience (and my kids), and what can I say, everyone is a happy camper :grinning:

So, a grey screen might point to something else, maybe we need to give the Head set some time to warm or to set up. I think I shake it a little (a small nudge up and down) I do not know exactly what made it to wake up (sure not a kiss).

@miniyuuzhan, I hope you head set will “wake up” just like it happen to me. Give it some time and then try to move it a little bit.


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Grey screen on a Vive means tracking is not working. It’s probably something that SteamVR does? :slight_smile:

If You want to use two light houses they should be set to channel B + C (unless You’re using the sync cable, then it’s A+B).

They should also be able to “see” each other.

If You want to use a single one, it’s channel A on that one… :wink:

So it sounds to me like You’re just using one single lighthouse now? :slight_smile:

Info here:

And here:


Thanks @DrWilken, I’m still trying to figure out how to setup everything, it is my first Head set.
Thanks for the explanation it works now.
All parts are working… amazing although there is something loose now in the head set (but it functions :thinking:).

I’ll continue tests.

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You’re welcome @snagar! :slight_smile: Enjoy Your new toy…! :wink:

Annoying with the loose part/thing though. You should probably report that, maybe when things have settled down a bit (I think they’re pretty swamped right now @ Pimax)… :smiley:

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My headset is a Pimax 5K+, no light house. As they are not shipped in the package from Pimax.

Do I really need light houses to make it work ?

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.
But right now I do not have any other peripherals, I will use an Xbox controller in game.
I just would like to be able to start a movie, or a driving sim.

Right now when I launch steam VR, the Headset logo of Steam VR Home is green, but flashing, then after 5 seconds it turns to sleeping mode.

If you have no lighthouse you could turn off lighthouse tracking on the pitool interface.

Is it in some config ?

Not sure if resolved. I’ll check if disabling the lighthouse tracking keeps my headset awake all the time.

You can find it on pitool HMD setting

Hi @miniyuuzhan

Yes there are few settings in PiTool that I saw or read that you can or should disable at first.
Here are my suggestions:

Turn off “PiTool” auto start (I prefer to manually do that).
and Disable : “Start Pimax VR Home”, again should be manual (from my point of view).


On the “HMD” menu, uncheck the “Turn on Lighthouse Tracking”.


Reboot system (always good :slight_smile: )

Hope that would help.



Oh my, I’ll try this after work. Thanks for the tips.

Confirmed to work.

Booted up my computer, plugged the power on my headset, launched Pitool, went to HMD setting and disabled light house tracking.

From now on my headset works perfectly

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I hope you will enjoy it, well except for the foam smell :roll_eyes:


Smell is okay, for me its more the fact that the foam does not fit my nose properly and I can see down while wearing the headset.
But I can forget about it after 5 minutes of playing.