Reserving a slot for an eventual Windows MR module


I know we’ve already been asking a lot from Pimax, everyone sharing his vision on how this headset should innovate. And it certainly give Pimax some pressure and makes the task quite hard.

But on the other hand, this will be a high class “next-gen” headset, and we all wish to use it for several years at its best.

For now, steam and revive best possible compatibility are priorities. But Windows MR might become a interesting platform in these coming years. If a module could make Pimax 8K compatible with Win MR technology, I’m not asking to work on it now, but just to anticipate by reserving a connection slot to add this kind of module if the future.



… sorry for my english … I’m french :slight_smile:


Hi, welcome to Pimax community, and thanks for your proposal. Actually we are discussing this subject internally at present and will let you know further once it’s updated : )


I think windows mr is a hybrid garden. Meaning it’s citizens can get out and visit planet steamvr or oculus country, but foreigners can’t get in to windows mr. Hopefully that changes. You never know.

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MS is interested in promoting its store, the most logical thing is to give support to all the headset.

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Ms generally has but at present with their specs on controller & the 4 tracking cams.

Truth i think once ms gets enough mr headsets made they will likely either make their own or choose a min spec to add vr to Xb1.

MS is part of OpenXR , now.


Will you post it in this thread?

I’m not interested in anything Windows MR has to offer. MS treats VR like it’s a Windows 10 feature and railroads you through Cortana and Windows Store. As a gamer I don’t even touch games that have a 3rd party launcher, and I don’t like MS getting all up in my business. I just need the best hardware to play the best games, which is what Valve/Steam VR is, no need for middle tier or bottom tier hardware and software. Windows MR will probably devolve into a console headset primarily, and FB Occulus will connect to your phone or something. PCMR plays games on steam.

The term “mixed reality” has been known as “Augmented Reality” for a long time, it’s not a MS exclusive either. No MS MR headsets even do MR at this point. When the technology is more available all headsets will be able to use MR / Augmented reality equally.

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Yep. Truth the VR community is annoyed with MS hijacking the MR name. Ppl complain about the 8k naming scheme. Meanwhile ms mr headsets cannot do Mixed Reality; the 4 cams are used or tracking controllers & environment for roomscale of sorts. Not play chess on your coffee table with a virtual chessboard.

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As much as I agree with you both about the critic of MS politics, they are entering VR followed by several big brands (Samsung, asus, acer, lg …) and I’m sure they will invest and develop exclusive content and AAA games, like oculus did with Robot recall, Lone echo, Arktika etc… And I’m also sure, some players will be very interested in WinVR environment (the same way many people are expecting the upcoming Oculus dash)

Then, when the Pimax 8K will be available for sell to a more general public (other than very passionate kickstarter backers) it will definitely be a plus against competitor headsets like samsung odyssey to be Win MR compatible.


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It seems SteamVR will get some support already this year.

I expect that all Microsoft MR headsets will eventually work with SteamVR. The question which remains is if SteamVR headsets will work with MS mixed reality. Let’s see, so far there is only one - HTC Vive. If it does, maybe Pimax would be able to get into MR via SteamVR as well.

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It seems that even Vive won’t work with Win MR (due to tech difference maybe). That’s a bit weird because in their earlier advertisment for hololens they were using a Vive to show hololens connectivity.

Laser tracking isn’t compatable with the ir tracked controllers

I am sure that MS is interested in all
headset using software of their store

To do so they either need to support laser tracking with controllers (valve’s tech)

On on PiMax side need modul to add the 4 ir cams to use with Windows controller. The 2 approaches will not work together.

So if MS wants to get wide adoption they need to support laser tracking for valve based headsets.

Which is not likely to be soon as they are targetting wide market with cheap headsets that can run on low spec hardware.

in steam there was no headset with tracking inside-out, in a days the WMR headset will work with steam I think MS will make lighthouse compatible so that all steam headset use their platform.

When ? that’s a mystery :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for muy english .

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With OpenXR, they actually don’t need to.

Why would you need a “module” and what would it do?

Perhaps but til ms does support valve tech the openxr doesn’t mean that ms will support lighthouse. It simply means for now that a base standard for VR is being adopted to make programming easier then having so many platforms.

Currently steam is opened to non lighthouse headsets.

Ms currently mainly has support for their Headset req specs. The controllers & enviroment is read by their 4 ir cameras (no pass through cam for real MR).

Once MS allows solutions like laser tracking into w10vr interface we’ll be good. In the meanwhile we would need a modul to add the tracking solution that ms is using or a workaround.

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